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The Chinese University of Hong Kong announced the results of the “2021/22 Collaborative Fellowship” grants, with 11 projects receiving a total of HK$82 million. Research projects awarded this time include cellular imaging, autism, neuromuscular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, reduced risk of miscarriage, sleep disturbances, and nanomaterials and devices. The Research Grant Council (RGC) also announced the second round of collaborative fellowships and funding projects for one-off research programs related to COVID-19 and novel infectious diseases.

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The CCP’s Blue, Gold, Yellow (control of the internet, gold, and sex) have penetrated all fields of the world. The University of Hong Kong has also become the CCP’s drug factory, providing advanced technical equipment and scientific researchers for the CCP to study various biological weapons. The management rights of Hong Kong universities have long been stolen by the CCP. Scholars who are unwilling to be with the CCP have resigned and left Hong Kong. Under the control of the CCP, the academic circle of the university is full of utilitarianism, so the research projects funded are all in the service of the CCP regime, and the university no longer has an atmosphere of academic freedom. What’s even more frightening is that the CCP has tasted the sweetness of the biological weapon. The virus can be used to blackmail both developed countries and the “poor-brother” countries. The CCP’s funding project for the Chinese University of Hong Kong also includes research on new infectious diseases. It can be seen that if the CCP regime is still lingering on, it will continue to harm the world. Governments around the world are busy fighting the pandemic, and people’s livelihoods and the economy will eventually be destroyed. The CCP will become a global hegemon and ravage the people of the world.


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