By: MOS Fitness Team — Sunny

On February 1st, the first day in the year of the tiger, Miles Guo pointed out in a GETTR video that the “new year of the tiger grand live broadcast” has caused a sensation at home and abroad, and the “Sweet as Honey” campaign will reach a new height in the year of the tiger.  During the 13-hour New Year live broadcast, domestic brothers-in-arms praised the live broadcast technology, the great improvement in visual perception, and the quality of photogenic brothers-in-arms.  Mr. Hao Haidong is truly credible and once again leads the trend.  These are all manifestations of the power of The New Federal State of China.  The grand live broadcast also had a huge impact on Western society.  Many people refuse to participate in the Winter Olympics, and bills to sanction the evil CCP will be introduced, one after another.  Recognizing The New Federal State of China and developing cooperation has also become an option for all countries.

In addition, Miles Gun emphasized that the significance of the “Sweet as Honey” movement is an unprecedented political and cultural movement that integrates high technology, spirituality, belief, and media communication.  Countless brothers-in-arms with high IQs and EQs are carefully preparing for this.  It will awaken the dull mind to start thinking about the meaning of life.  In addition, the grand live broadcast of New Year’s Day of The New Federal State of China has posed a huge threat to the CCP and governments of many other countries.

Article: The New Year’s Grand Live Broadcast Shocked the World, and the “Sweet as Honey” Movement was Unprecedented

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