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According to a report by The Epoch Times on February 5, the Tokyo Tower, the iconic Japanese building, was lit up with “Communist China red” on New Year’s Eve of the Chinese lunar calendar, and lots of politicians and celebrities attended to speak. This behavior aroused strong dissatisfaction and protests from a large number of people. Japanese people held up slogans like “Take Down the CCP” and “Take Down Communism” to protest on the spot.

The organizer of this event is the “Tokyo Tower Communist China Red Executive Committee,” and the cooperating parties include the Communist China Embassy in Japan.

On the evening of January 31, the 4th “Communist China Red” event was held in Tokyo Tower, Japan. On the night of the event, the Japanese Patriotic Party and other groups held a protest at that spot. The protesters held signs reading “Take Down the CCP” and played Chinese slogans such as “Take Down the Chinese Communist Party” and “Take Down Communism” through loudspeakers.

Takashi Nagao, a former representative of the Japanese House of Representatives, said in an interview with The Epoch Times that if the lighting of the Tokyo Tower is a red alert for Tokyo, it is understandable, which is not the same as the CCP’s “red”. When the whole world has a very tough and strict attitude towards the CCP, Japan’s attitude is very flattering to the CCP, which is going too far.

Photo from The Epoch Time

Takashi Nagao believes that the CCP must have spent a lot of money to pull off this event. Promoting the CCP under the guise of engaging in activities like this can slyly avoid criticism and pressure from various aspects.

Shinichi Nagai, a Japanese guard, directly criticized the Japanese politicians who participated in and supported the event. He said that the sudden lighting of Tokyo Tower without the public’s knowledge was a way to curry favor with the Chinese Communist Party.

In a protest call to the secretariat of the Tokyo Tower event, Shinichi Nagai said that the people will not tolerate celebrating such a thing (CCP) with an international criminal organization! If you do these dirty things for money, people will not forgive you!

Afterwards, many Japanese netizens also expressed their dissatisfaction on social platforms, asking Japanese politicians how to deal with Uyghurs, Hong Kongers, Tibetans, etc., who are persecuted by the CCP. In addition, polls show that the CCP always wants to take the opportunity to improve its relations with Japan and its status in the eyes of the Japanese people, so it often uses a lot of economic resources, but polls show that 90% of Japanese people do not like the Chinese Communist Party. These propaganda activities of the CCP also exposes its fake nature.

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東京塔點亮「中國紅」 日本民眾:打倒中共

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