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Taiwanese media reported on January 30 that, near the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the CCP authorities will artificially control the climate in order to create false positive weather conditions.

 It is reported that in order to create the so-called Olympic climate, the CCP instructed the Beijing Municipal Weather Modification Office to artificially change the weather conditions.  In the past three months, the unit has fired at least 250 silver iodide shells into the clouds near Zhangjiakou, and another 12 cloud-catalyzed aircraft are on standby.

 Comments believe that the CCP’s move will not only affect China, but also neighboring countries such as India and Myanmar, exacerbating the moral tension between national sovereignty and global responsibility, and even legal proceedings.

 Experts pointed out that artificial weather modification has caused disputes about “whether a country has the right to change the weather” and “who owns the air water resources used for cloud catalysis”.

At the same time, artificially changing the climate will also raise concerns around the world about China’s commitment to climate hegemony.

Article: For the Winter Olympics, the CCP Artificially Changed the Weather

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