Author: RocksHimalaya

When you suppress freedom of speech and promote censorship, you can never practice the scientific method.

When you suppress free speech, all of science becomes based on scientific consensus, resulting in fake science and diminished truth.
And from fake science they create fake problems and fake solutions.

They start by suppressing freedom at the academic level. Academia has been compromised with money. Unless academia forwards the accepted narrative, they won’t receive funding.

50% of the funding that NIH puts out, which is controlled by people like Fauci, goes to the biological sciences.
If you’re a scientist, and you need money for research, then you need to toe the party line.

Your University won’t get funding or you won’t get tenure unless you promote the accepted doctrine set by unelected bureaucrats who have been in power for decades.

Presidents come and go. Prime Ministers come and go. Kings and Queens come and go. Even ruthless dictators come and go.
But academia remains entrenched.
It’s a consolidation of power, with academics, politicians, and scientists determining what’s the truth.

With that power comes control. Control of the people. What we can say, where we can go, and with whom we can associate.

They control what is considered true, they control how much freedom we have, and they want to control our health.

If we don’t put an end to vaccine mandates now, the future will consist of microchip tracking and social behaviour.
The global elite want a population of automatons.
That’s their end goal.

Posted by Theodosia