By: MOS Fitness Team — Ashley

On January 30, Transparency International released the 2021 Global Corruption Index, which ranks the public sector corruption degrees in 180 countries and regions. China ranks 66th, which is lower than the Asia-Pacific region average level.

Since 1995, Transparency International has started to track and investigate the corruption situation in various countries worldwide. They found that many countries made no improvement over anti-corruption progress, or got even worse, especially China. Lacking efficient monitoring, the CCP allows many all-level Kleptocrats and their families to laundry their corruption in overseas accounts. CCP dignitaries hinder political reform and combat dissidents through so-called anti-corruption campaigns without free speech.

In addition, Transparency International also found that China, in the form of so-called foreign aid, exported governmental corruption and worsened the corruption degrees of underdeveloped countries. Analysts pointed out that the CCP dictatorship deepens the Chinese political system and brings institutional damage to democratic governments.

Article: CCP corruption only got worse

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