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On February 4, Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federation of China, said on Miles Grand Live that he was sure that the Beijing Winter Olympics would become a “Hibernation Meeting.”

Mr. Guo revealed in the live broadcast that there were 97 teams that originally participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics, but only 33 actually came to the site, and many teams only had a few scattered people, and some even had only one person, far from the expected.

Mr. Guo also broke the news that the CCP spent a lot of money (more than 100 billion US dollars) to “invite” Putin, who attended the Beijing Winter Olympics, to stay at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and as soon as he settled down there, 6 people around Putin were diagnosed with the CCP virus. Two of them were his bodyguards, and the other four were accompanying officials on this trip. As of Miles Grand Live, 16 people in Putin’s accompanying team had been diagnosed, and 3 people in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel died of COVID. The identities of these 3 people are currently unknown.

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In this regard, Mr. Guo said that the Winter Olympics have just opened, and the CCP virus is so serious that Beijing does not know how many people will be infected by this year’s Olympics. He is doubtful that the Winter Olympics will be able to follow through.

In addition, Mr. Guo also added that, according to Olympic experts, the real Olympic bigwigs did not participate in the Winter Olympics, and they were almost all government teams who went to eat and drink without paying the bills, which was meaningless.

Therefore, Mr. Guo asserted that it is a certainty that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be reduced to a “Hibernation Meeting.” It will start with fake bustling and end coldly and quietly. This behavior of the CCP is shameful and known by the whole world.

In fact, as early as 4 days ago, Mr. Guo said in his 2022 Chinese New Year live broadcast that he was confident that the Beijing Winter Olympics would be a “Hibernation Meeting”. Mr. Guo’s revelation in advance was once again right on his mark.

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