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In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on February 4, 2022, Mr. Guo reveals a series of unusual incidents at the Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony, including the death of a sniper and the Covid-19 outbreak in Putin’s delegation. Mr. Guo says that users can top up Himalaya Pay with RMB. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

The CCP had to disable the comment function on its YouTube live streaming of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. 

The CCP had to disable the comment function on its YouTube live streaming of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics a few minutes after the brothers in arms of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) inundated it with anti-CCP contents. What is the CCP afraid of?

The head of the special police sniper unit died in the Pangu Seven Star Hotel.

The basement of the Pangu Seven Star Hotel is now full of special police. A significant incident occurred. It didn’t help that the CCP converted Pangu’s dragon head into a turtle head. We have the first death in Pangu! It was a special police officer, the lead of the sniper unit, who suddenly collapsed and died. It was a panic scene, which scared the hell out of Xi Jinping. This is God’s will! Heaven wants to destroy the CCP! In addition, the brother in arms at the scene says that almost 90% of the Winter Olympics staff are soldiers!

Sixteen people in Putin’s delegation contracted Covid-19 at Waldorf hotel, where three people died.

Putin is staying at the Waldorf Hotel. Yesterday afternoon, six members of his delegation were infected with Covid-19; two were bodyguards, and four were officials. Four hours ago, ten were infected. An hour ago, the number rose to sixteen. Unfortunately, three people died from spasms at the Waldorf Hotel, but it’s unclear if they were Putin’s people or someone else. Very scary! This is just the beginning. What’s next for the Winter Olympics?

One hundred ninety countries’ leaders were supposed to attend the Winter Olympics, but only 33 came. The two most powerful attendees are Putin and the Prince of Abu Dhabi. Putin’s team is almost annihilated. Putin was furious and cursing. The Winter Olympics turning into a “hibernation” session is a foregone conclusion.

An urgent combat-ready alert was issued.

A brother in arms just sent the word that an urgent combat-ready alert was issued for a place 5000 kilometers from Beijing! This means that the order to fight has been issued. In the event of an emergency, the army can start a war.

More than half of the children from Chaoyang District who rehearsed for the Winter Olympics contracted Covid-19.

A friend from Beijing said, “Miles. It’s winter here. We’re terrified to go out because the virus and state security personnel are everywhere. What a nightmare!” Ms. Ma, who was managing the scene at the opening ceremony, said, “More than half of the children from Chaoyang District who rehearsed for the ceremony are infected with the virus, and their show may be canceled. At first, I opposed children participating in the show, but the officials wanted to engage the people, not any celebrity. What’s even scarier is that hundreds of people gathered and at the very least a dozen have died.”

The Burlingame Treaty is the first diplomatic treaty between the United States and China.

In 1783, the Qing Dynasty and the United States signed the first treaty, “The Burlingame Treaty.” Before that, the United States sent an emissary to China on the ‘Empress of China’ in 1781. The United States urged General Vaz (phonetic translation) to be a gentleman and not to disgrace the United States, and he brought ginseng and silver to China. The ship landed in Guangzhou. He wrote back to the U.S. government that the Chinese government and the Chinese people were extremely self-disciplined; the Chinese women were extremely diligent, intelligent, and very clean. The largest theater in Guangzhou held 7,700 people and was a 24-hour paradise for foreigners with its songs and dances. The Chinese were the ancestors of Western civilization. At that time, the United States brought back gunpowder, tea, and porcelain from China. Later, Roosevelt, a businessman in China, said that the depth of Chinese civilization was as eternal as the sun. Later the Roosevelt family had a president deeply influenced by Chinese culture.

Americans admired the Chinese from the bottom of their heart.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Rockefeller family and the Morgan family went to China. The Union Hospital and the Yanjing University, now the Beijing University, were founded by Americans. During World War I and II, Americans established several Christian churches, Catholic churches, and student unions in China and even bought physical education classes to China. Americans also built several schools in Xi’an, Chongqing, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. Americans admired the Chinese from the bottom of their heart. The Roosevelts, to this day, say never to make enemies of the peace-loving, good, trustworthy Chinese, who are a symbol of civilization.

The most terrible thing is that Chinese people do not respect their peers.

When Miles Guo went to the Middle East and Egypt, President Mubarak asked, “Miles. What are you most proud of about China?” “It is the culture, the food, the dress, and our peace. We have not invaded any country, but those who invaded us were all kicked out.” The president asked Miles why he didn’t go into politics. Miles replied that all those who were in politics were liars. The president said, “Those who disrespect China are not human beings. You’re a great guy! But the terrible thing is that Chinese people do not respect Chinese people.” Miles was shocked after hearing his words.

The U.S. economy has not hit its bottom yet.

Regarding the U.S. economy, if bread price exceeds $1.5, there will be trouble. Workers’ average wage is $15/hour, and that of lawyers is $500/hour. Since they live in houses of different sizes, the cost will be higher or lower. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the lives of average workers will be worse off than lawyers. In the different periods of American capitalist society, bread and gasoline prices are essential to people’s livelihood and the basis of the United States. Two indicators of the collapse of the U.S. economy are rising credit card delinquency and bad debt in banks. 

The U.S. economy falling apart now won’t be good for us because we are not ready yet. The U.S. economy will start to crumble in May. When Gettr Pay and Gettr Coin are rolled out, they will face no competition. Before May, let’s prepare tools to capture fortunes like hauling diamonds in carts. 

Former Stripe executives have come to work for HPay to accomplish the goals that they could not do in their previous jobs. Many HPay’s features are already being upgraded.

After the financial crisis, the United States will be reborn, and the technological revolution will bring a quantum leap.

There will be a big technological revolution after this economic crisis. Quantum computers, biotechnology, space technology, new materials, in particular, these four areas will have a qualitative leap. In the past century, the development of science and technology in the United States has far surpassed the CCP, and the gap is enormous. The CCP almost doesn’t have original technology. 

The U.S. is a place where the elites converge. The U.S. provides fundamental human rights and a relatively fair social environment with the rule of law, freedom, inclusiveness, and a superior and resource-rich geographic environment. After the economic crisis, the U.S. will surely gain a new life because it keeps innovating, looking forward, and focusing on competition and elimination. This financial crisis will be an unprecedented dark period, but afterward, it will recover and rebound within a year.

How can small countries cope with a financial crisis?

Small countries will not be affected too badly by this inflation crisis. Housing, wages, living materials, bread, and oil prices will not have big ups and downs. By the same token, there will not be many opportunities after the crisis. Small countries are suitable for vacation and retirement, but not for long-term living and ambition. The recession in small countries will last for a long time, which is a problem.

The Himalaya Exchange and Himalaya Coin make the rule of the game.

The standards created by Himalaya Coin and the Himalaya Exchange comply with the laws of countries around the world. American partners want to invest, but we have imposed a condition that they get the Federal Reserve and all financial institutions to accept us. We are one of the makers of the rule of the game, and Himalaya Coin has been born. We set the rules for the world every step of the way. Our rules are peer-to-peer and no tracking. The people of the world can choose for themselves.

Brothers in arms can top up HPay with RMB.

HPay’s core values are decentralization and no intermediaries. HPay users are not under surveillance, and your privacy is protected. Transactions are unconditional. Nobody will ask the reason for the payment and to whom, not even the CCP. 

Now you can top up HPay with unlimited RMB anywhere. You pay RMB, and it will show up as HDO (Himalaya Dollar) in your HPay account. There is an opening in the Great Firewall. Yesterday 1.2-1.3 billion yuan was transferred in a second. Currently, the function isn’t available to all but authorized Himalaya farms. In six months, you can top up HPay with any currency.

Today I (Miles Guo) openly tell the CCP, “You cannot stop transactions unless you shut down all the banks and void all the RMB paper bills.” The CCP is very good at promoting paperless RMB. 90% of RMB in circulation is in digital form. As long as RMB is electronic, it can be transferred in and out.

HPay charges no fee to benefit ordinary people.

First, HPay has adopted the NFSC’s pursuit and belief to bring financial freedom to humanity. Second, the Himalaya Exchange will establish rules of the game for the new world, i.e., the financial standard. Financial security, information, and convenience are essential.

The cost of conventional payment methods is horrible. Paypal wants a 6.90% commission, and banks want to review transactions. Miles Guo’s dream is to destroy banks and bankers. HPay must not charge fees, but it can make profits from loan origination fees and interests in the future. HPay will charge fees for large transactions but not small transactions to benefit common people.

The Himalaya Exchange’s priority is to relieve poor people from worrying about the unnecessary cost. HPay will make it very easy to transfer money to various countries, with no limit on the number of transactions, and it’s called “taking money from air.” HPay is all about creating value with your wits in adopting HPay. You can just set up HPay as the payment method in compliance with the law.

With the birth of HPay, we no longer need any middleman. 

How did Shan Weijian make it in the West? He exploited one of the biggest loopholes in the West, called “trivia finance.” He then made friends with many law firms and powerful and wealthy people in the U.S. In a word, the Chinese were represented by Shan Weijian. 

With the birth of HPay, we no longer need any middleman or fund agent. No one needs to represent anyone. HPay will eliminate the cost of “paying” and “receiving” in investment. 

G-Clubs’ policy will be adjusted.

G-Clubs is not selling membership for the sake of selling membership. G-Clubs is about connecting brothers in arms to the future of the NFSC according to levels, times, and locations. G-Clubs’ policy will be adjusted, but it will not stop selling membership. 

Foreigners don’t take Chinese soldiers seriously.

The CCP has never stopped moving troops in Northeast China for several years, but foreigners don’t take Chinese soldiers seriously at all. Countries like Europe, the U.S., and Japan are only concerted with China’s strategic nuclear missile and submarine forces. Chinese soldiers are cannon fodder in the high-tech era. Xi, just like Mao, wants to kill Chinese grassroots soldiers with the hands of foreigners. The West knows every move of Chinese troops. The insiders in the Chinese military work closely with the U.S. like Saddam’s forces did back then.

Miles Guo talks about education at home.

Miles Guo has two principles: (1) Children should not get involved in parents’ matters. (2) Honesty. Children must be kind and filial. Children should have freedom. It’s important to let children be themselves instead of becoming a copy of their parents. Parents should let go of the saying that “everything is for your own good.” They should respect children and love what the children love.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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