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On February 3, scientists from all over the world jointly issued an open letter accusing the CCP of hindering independent investigation into the origin of the COVID-19 virus by the international community.

According to the “Central News Agency” report, 20 scientists from Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Japan published an article titled “Allowing a Comprehensive International Investigation of Pandemic Origins would be a True Expression of Olympic Values” on February 3. The open letter pointed out that the CCP continued to obstruct the international community’s ability to fully investigate the origin of the COVID-19 virus, which has undermined the lofty ideals of the Olympics and will put people around the world at greater risk of epidemics in the future.

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In this open letter, scientists sternly criticized the CCP for destroying biological samples, hiding records, imprisoning journalists, and prohibiting Chinese scientists from speaking or writing about the origin of the virus. At the same time, scientists also called on people from all over the world to pay attention to this and asked the CCP to stop hindering the independent investigation of the origin of the new coronavirus.

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北京冬奧前夕 國際學者籲中國勿阻疫情起源調查

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