Translated by MOS Health Team – Wenfei

From January 25 to February 2, 2022, excluding Communist China, there have been more than 21 million CCP-virus confirmed cases worldwide, which is 8.66% lower than last week. More than 70,000 CCP virus-related deaths were recorded, an increase of 18.9% since last week and the growth rate is 2.5% higher than last week. For two consecutive weeks, the global death rates continue to rise. 

As of February 2, excluding communist China, a total of 7.26 billion doses of the CCP virus vaccines have been administered worldwide. Compared with the vaccination data on the 18th, it has increased by 1.82%, but the growth rate of vaccination has decreased by 0.69%. 

As of February 2, 78 clinical studies from 27 countries with a total of 85,767 participants worldwide have confirmed that Ivermectin is effective in prophylaxis, early treatment and advanced-stage treatment for the CCP virus, and can reduce the cases of infection by 85%, 63%, and 39%, respectively. 

Many countries relax the vaccine policies this week. On January 28, Sweden’s government decided against recommending Covid vaccine for children between 5 and 11, arguing that the vaccine poses a higher risk than the virus infection. The Canadian province of Quebec scrapped a plan that would make adults who refuse Covid vaccines pay a special health tax after faced strong resistance. Also in Canada, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced ending the province’s vaccine passport policy and called on the federal government to end mandatory vaccine policies. 

In America, in judicial proceedings over the release of raw data on Pfizer’s vaccine, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration believes that a 75-year delay in releasing the data is appropriate, but it was refuted by the judge. The judge ordered Pfizer to release all the data as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the U.S. media focused on Dr. Anthony Fauci once again, including his financial support for the CCP virus laboratory, as well as his malicious actions of suppressing and covering up the truth of the CCP virus in the early days of the outbreak.

However, the mandatory vaccination policy continues in some particular fields due to lack of awareness of the CCP virus and vaccine disaster. On February 2, the U.S. military decided to immediately fire its soldiers who refused to receive the Covid  vaccines, to maintain military combat readiness. In addition, the federal government’s mandatory vaccine policy for health care workers across the United States is still in effect.


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