Translated by Ronnie O’Sullivan
Proofreader: Yue Ying Wan Chuan

What is credit? Every form of credit and financial system serves the purpose of government intervention, taxation, and governance operates. But in our system (Himalaya Exchange), there is no governance, there is no form of taxation, and no incentive for exploitation. The value of the Hcoin is based on the mutual trust among users. The modes of transactions that are built upon trust come in the form of HPAY, Hcoin, and Hdollar. The Hdollar currency plays a function of legalizing the Hcoin. It is the method in which traded Hcoins could be exchanged into legal tender to be spent in daily transactions. The crucial task for us all now is to widely promote usage of HPAY. The larger the number of traders, the higher the return of the value. It will grow exponentially. HPAY also offers deposits with a 7% annual return. Your HPAY credit score will always be directly proportional to your deposited money. That will ensure that, when you need quick money, loans can be granted promptly. There will be no need to wait for manual assessment. Your loans details, like maximum value, maximum duration etc., can be predetermined based on your credit score.

Private transactions can also occur in a regulation-free environment using the money transfer feature. Meanwhile, with extra money, more investments into Hcoin should be carried out! In order to foster an independent trading environment, we need to widely promote the Himalaya Exchange! The HDO balance should not be left in idle. If you don’t have to spend it immediately, you can always put it in Hcoin until the very minute you have to spend it. When it comes to loans and one-time withdrawals, it will soon be widely-known that the Himalaya Exchange is the most efficient way of getting loans approved and with the highest maximum value. As you can see, the Himalaya system is more than just finance. It transcends national sovereignty, transcends belief, transcends the physical realm. It is the newest form of humanity which liberates productivity, develops people’s wisdoms, brings people together and transcends the ordinary trust people have for each other! This is why in the New Federal State of China it is intrinsic for people to develop the ability to tell reality and lies apart!


Published by: tianzhihuan

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