1. It may be that too many vaccines caused the sniper leader responsible for the security of the podium to suddenly fall to the ground next to Pangu Plaza and then die, which scared Xi to death.

2. Putin stayed in the Waldorf Astoria Beijing during the Winter Olympics. 16 people in his team who just checked into the hotel were diagnosed COVID-19 and 3 people died in the hotel.

3. Putin ‘s team was unusually infected with the virus, which angered Putin and complained that the CCP could not even provide basic assurance.

4. The army 5000 kilometers away from Beijing was immediately put into combat readiness because of this incident.

5. It was originally planned that 97 heads of state would attend the Winter Olympics, but now only 35 countries have come.

6. Multiple participating foreign missions look for more money from the CCP or withdraw the athletes.

7. The share price decline of PayPal and Facebook has nothing to do with our Hpay and Gettr.

8. When Hloan and Hmortgage appear, Hpay will kill PayPal in seconds. Twitter’s profit expectation has dropped sharply, and Facebook’s cost of engaging in Metaverse has increased too much. Holding these stocks is definitely waiting to die. Withdraw quickly before the collapse.

9. The US economy has not completely collapsed. It will not start until March at the earliest, and it will erupt after May.

10. The most powerful economic development in the United States is biological computer, quantum computer, space technology, new materials and biotechnology.

11. Hpay can receive RMB and HDO can be converted to RMB. For domestic Chinese RMB acceptance, please contact the farm.

12. The G-Clubs card will not be discontinued in the short term and will last for half a year to a year, but many policies will be adjusted to connect the fellow fighters with the New Federal State of China in a hierarchical and temporal manner.

Chinese Version: Wenjun

Translator: π&π

Proofreading: Tracy

Posted by: Maarago