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It is a basic principle of the New Federal State of China that Fellow fighters respect each other.

Blue Sky’s attack on our fellow fighters is unacceptable to the standard of New Federal State of China, and Blue Sky’s slander of the ” Lao Banzhang ” is wrong, and we must stop it. Although Blue Sky has done many right things, we will not accept Blue Sky’s leaking of personal information about “Wen Feng Er Dong” and “Lao Banzhang” and his verbal and operational harm to them. Anyone who publicly attacks their fellow fighters must leave the Whistleblowers’ Movement.

The Communist Party’s strongest skills – fabricating evil, falsifying history, worshiping individuals, and controlling money …… Anyone can make mistakes! The fundamental difference between us and the Communist Party is that we adhere to the only true and unbreakable righteousness, we do not make up lies, we do not envy, do not hate, and have the sincerity from heart, the respect of all things and all gods and selfless love to help each other.  We live in peace with every fellow fighter and help everyone in our best ability.

We are one big family; the people of the New Federal State of China and world will be together to create a better tomorrow!

Source: 大直播后记——不攻击战友不拉仇恨-Gnews

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