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According to local media on February 2nd, Germany hit a new CCP virus (COVID-19) record on Wednesday, with 208,498 more cases reported within 24 hours. This broke the previous peak of new cases in a single day again. At present, the total number of CCP virus infections in Germany exceeds 10 million. And the death toll rose by 196 on Wednesday, bringing the total toll to nearly 120,000. According to the German health minister, the Omicron variant virus may continue to be rampant in the country until mid-February. At that time, the number of new infections in the country will exceed 400,000 a day.

On the same day, the Japanese government also reported more than 90,000 new confirmed cases of CCP virus in a single day. It also set a new record for confirmed cases in a single day. Currently, in order to prevent the outbreak of Omicron variant again, the government allows local authorities to ask dining establishments to shorten their business hours and limit or stop the serving of alcohol.

News shows: In order to ease the growing pressure on the medical system, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka and Fukuoka are now allowing doctors to diagnose people as positive for the CCP virus without conducting tests, if they are in close contact living in the same households as infected people.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has said he is not considering declaring a state of emergency in Tokyo despite the recent spike in infection.

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