Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team – Accelerator

On Feb 1st, LifeSiteNews reported that Children’s Health Defense (CHD) was urging the U.S. Food and drug administration (FDA) to cease pushing for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of CCP virus vaccines for children aged between 6 months and 5 years old.

A large amount of research indicated that children were not at risk for complications from the CCP virus, whereas FDA actively advocated that Pfizer should apply for EUA of the vaccine in this age group.

For this reason, CHD filed a lawsuit against FDA in Texas alleging that the EUA of CCP virus vaccines for children aged 5 to 11 violated federal law. CHD president Mary Holland emphasized that vaccinating young children against the CCP virus is harmful and unethical, especially when current EUA granted pharmaceutical companies immunity from liability for adverse events of their vaccines. Consequently, she called for an immediate halt to FDA’s disastrous decision.


Edited by: Zee Lee
Chief Editor: Zee L., Angelina L
Posted by: Chimeiwangliang

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