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Miles Guo elaborated the core functions and significance of HPay in a live broadcast on February 2nd

Miles Guo said that the essence of HPay is online payment. It is a contractual payment. It is measured nor tradeunder the pricing rules. Plus, Hpayhas eight features: unconditional payment, no transaction fees, no payment caps, no physical behavior, no centralization, no intermediaries, high security and extreme cryptic. Miles Guo explained that these features have allowed HPay to move beyond the decentralized technology of the first generation of cryptocurrencies, allowing the system to move away from limits and difficult to track, reaching the most primitive yet highest trading realm of humanity.

Miles Guo added that HPay will gradually change human’s way of life and break the financial monopoly of the existing financial system. In the meantime, it will create a new financial model of the future, it will also promote a finance revolution of “my wealth my decision” initiated by the Chinese.

Miles Guo stressed that as long as the purpose is not to kill or harm people, any two parties can trade with each other on the basis of consensus, and truly take money from each other without leaving any traces.

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