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On January 31st, Miles Guo sang the song “ Snow That Ends the CCP” for the first time, on the Chinese New Year grand live broadcast. In the meantime, rock version of the song was also released on Gettr, Miles spoke about the stories behind-the-scenes of this adapted song during the live broadcast. He especially thanked the countless brothers-in-arms inside Communist China who have been silently contributing and providing intelligence for the Whistleblower Movement. They have always supported the New Federal State of China at the cost of the safety and lives of their families. 

One of the fellow fighters who participated in the CCP Winter Olympics revealed to Miles that “The Snow in Saibei” (the original version of “ Snow That Ends the CCP”) had been chosen by the CCP as one of the main songs for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. This was the song that made Peng Liyuan famous which gained  her the opportunity to enter Beijing. This fellow fighter revealed: judging by CCP’s usual tricks, any songs Miles sang will inevitably be banned in Communist China. 

For that, Miles decided to publicly sing this adapted song “Snow That Ends the CCP “before the opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics Games. Miles explained, “Snow That Ends the CCP” is going to be a piece of unprecedented poetic music. This song purely expresses the fearless courage and sacrifice of numerous fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement and their determination to take down the CCP.


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