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According to local media on February 1st, Quebec, Canada,backtracked the plan to impose “anti-vaccine tax” on residents who are unvaccinated.

In his “Anti-vac tax” proposal Quebec Premier François Legault pitched in,unvaccinated people would reportedly have been charged $100 to $800. The collected money will be used for alleviating the province’s burdened health care system caused by CCP virus.  The proposal has received blasts and opposition Canada wide.

Commentators pointed out: The “anti-vaccine tax” proposal is more for political purposes than for the health of local people. It contravenes the idea of free and equally accessible health care for all in Canada. On the other hand, a large number of people still contract the CCP virus even after having three 3 shots of Vaccine.  Which proves that the vaccine is ineffective. At the press conference Legault said that “anti-vaccine tax” divides Quebecers and may even trigger protests. In order to maintain social peace and stability, he will drop the proposal.

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