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Well, it is already the third day of the lunar Chinese New Year and today is February 3rd. Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. According to tradition, today is a good day, an exceptionally good day.

Now the New-Federal-State-of-China (NFSC) red that Brother-7 wears has become popular worldwide. I am here to wish you all a Happy New Year, brothers and sisters.

The NFSC’s Chinese New Year Gala has captured more viewers in the past 24 hours in China, nearly 76,000,000 now, more than the number of people who watched the online live show on the lunar New Year’s Day. How many people watched our show repeatedly?  Do you realize what this means?

The two songs Brother-7 sang, “Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain” and “the Snow in Northern Frontier”, drew the most attention and were replayed the most times. Everybody can look into the data through a third-party software and see the view counts in mainland China. 

More importantly, there are a large number of replays of the show in Japan, the UK, Northern Europe, and Eastern and Western Europe. The NFSC’s lunar Chinese New Year Gala this year has an extraordinarily large number of replays, and it was very successful!

These old bastards in Zhongnanhai (Beijing) are quite fearful. It is said that they are very torn. If they ban the song “the Snow in Northern Frontier” in China, which is the signature song once sang by Ms. Peng Liyuan (First Lady of China), what about her?

If another song, “Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain,” were banned too, the impact would be too significant in China. Meanwhile, we have another song, “Your Sweet Smile”, right? 

This is a horrible situation for the CCP, how can they deal with it? That is exactly the result we want — to put these old bastards in a dilemma is the preferable outcome. How about that?

During the Winter Olympics, a ridiculous situation took place. Some journalists from European countries, including many from Japan, were humiliated in Beijing — they were asked to take anal swab test for Covid-19.

These journalists refused, and then an argument broke out. The CCP threatened to arrest them due to the dispute. 

The journalists said, “I quit, I am not going to do interviews here. I would like to return home. That’s it. Okay?”

“No, you cannot leave,” the CCP replied.

Those journalists are not allowed to leave now. They came to China on chartered planes. But now the CCP denied their application for a chartered plane to pick them up and take them home.

The CCP is playing hooligans. The more hooligans it plays, the better it is for us, brothers and sisters.

When those journalists contacted me, I told them, “Well, congratulations.” 

Their idea of the CCP is still too naive. “Following the CCP, you are going to walk into a crematorium” — if you foolishly believe the CCP, you cannot avoid walking straight into a “crematorium”.

Had the CCP not hosted this Winter Olympics, how could we have this desired effect? Think about it. The CCP is courting hatred from the world upon the Chinese every second, and making new enemies for itself every second.

Do you think the CCP is a god? Do you think it can make enemies worldwide but continue to survive? Can it? No way!

So, God is helping us, brothers and sisters. This is exciting news.

As you may have seen, Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal are suffering huge losses, and their stock prices are plummeting. Have you ever seen a stock drop 20% or 25% in one day like that? It is terrible, but not the worst time for these companies yet.

Since the Himalaya Pay App was released, you may have seen the usage of this App go up in all situations in a short time, such as buying a motorcycle, buying a car, buying a house, money transfer, financial warranties, etc. Brother-7 once again accurately predicted this.

The Himalaya Exchange has a bunch of technocrats. I told them before that “when H-Pay is launched, the volume of use in one day would exceed all the previous usage of the platform.”

They thought I was talking nonsense, so they did not reply to my messages or contact me — that implied disapproval, right? 

And now? The volume of use immediately triples! Data shows three times the total usage of all past Himalaya Exchange visits/leaves, logins/logouts — in just one day.

This is just the beginning, and it is still at an early stage. Remember what Brother-7 said: “It is still early!”

Yesterday a fellow fighter texted me: “Brother-7, is this a good time for me to buy (Himalaya Coins)?”

I replied to him, “why not, right? You would not lose money anyway. If you have money, then buy.”

This fellow fighter bought in over $5 million in one go, and the price of Himalaya Coins (HCNs) went up to $53 in no time. 

I received another message from another fellow fighter who said, “Brother-7, I want to buy some HCNs too. I have $50 million ready.”

“No, please! Do not throw money now. $50 million is too much!  The HCN price will jump to $60, or even $70 if you do that, which would not be good. You cannot do that now.” I said, “Please just wait, everybody. Let’s give those fellow fighters who are not so rich more opportunities to buy some HCNs.”

Fellow fighters, the most important thing you can do now is to get more H-Pay users around you. I have told you many times in advance, and please remember: fellow fighters will be rewarded with many benefits in the future for acquiring new H-Pay users. I will not say much more details here.

Our fellow fighters Da Niu, Zheng Qing, and Ba Li in Taiwan, fellow fighters in Japan, as well as fellow fighters in Canada, are all looking for new H-Pay users. Something very good is forthcoming for them.

In the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand are the same — not to mention the US.

But our fellow fighter Xiao Li in Los Angeles has not taken action yet, neither has A-Bin in Washington DC, nor has fellow fighters in Korea — you have to take action as soon as possible to increase the number of H-Pay users.

The increase in the use of H-Pay, combined with H-Pay’s institutional investors, will ignite the market, as “dry wood meets a blazing fire!” — and that is what we want.

We must walk with three legs, and two legs are not enough — do not get me wrong with something pornographic — I mean three groups of stakeholders. So, brothers and sisters, only in that case would our fellow fighters have a slice of the pie all the time. So, that’s all that matters.

There is just too much good news, and the CCP is finished. Does it still count on the Winter Olympics? Look how many people in Canada, US, Europe, and Africa would have the CCP take full responsibility for the “vaccine disaster”? Not only are they going to settle a score with their own governments, but also to get even with the CCP!

Mr. Bannon sent me a message early this morning, I was deeply moved. He was bidding farewell to his father. He was at the cemetery — I made a mistake; it was not the crematorium but the cemetery — Mr. Bannon has waited for a long time to schedule his father’s burial at the cemetery.  I am sorry that I gave inaccurate information in yesterday’s live broadcast.

He was waiting for the cemetery to be ready. He waited so long just so that they could have a farewell to the old man according to the Catholic funeral rites.

He told me he sat there thinking about what had happened to his family — his brother, nephew, daughter, sisters, brother-in-law were all infected with the CCP virus, yet all helped by the NFSC.

He said, “I could not help it; I am going to explode.” This is Mr. Bannon, a Catholic and Irish, and he never shed tears easily. So, you can understand the emotions must have accumulated to a certain level when he couldn’t help but burst into tears.

I replied to his message, saying that it was all the CCP’s fault that his family, and countless people’s entire families around the world, had been ruined, right?

There is much private information from our fellow fighters that I cannot reveal publicly. Our fellow fighters in Cambodia and Vietnam got infected with the CCP virus. The whole family almost died; they’d come close to the grim reaper.

Fortunately, we have NFSC fellow fighters on the ground who are even local government officials. The medicines were delivered to them in time, and the families’ situations are generally stable now.

There are too many such examples.

Seeing what happened to Mr. Bannon and what happened to many fellow fighters infected with the CCP virus, anyone who forgets the hatred for the CCP, forgets the fact that CCP created the biochemical virus and caused this vaccine disaster, you are not qualified to be a man!

Fellow fighters, the CCP is continuing its craziness. Many dark forces in the world have colluded with the CCP, and they still want to take a chance now — for example, the Western media platforms. And many of their victims have not yet taken time to mount a comeback.

As time goes by in 2022, in this Chinese lunar zodiac Water-Tiger year, this “Water Tiger” will devour the CCP!

That’s all for today. Time is up.