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US, Jan 26, on Paine TV audio podcast, The host Thomas Paine and the former hedge fund guru, Edward Dowd sent an alarming prediction that big pharma could end up with the same fate as Enron. Also big insurance is waging a war against big pharma over life insurance payouts that are partly linked to the vaccinations. Below are highlights of their conversation.

 Hedge funds managers are talking about shorting big pharma to zero. During the past week, the stock prices of Pfizer and mRNA have been in a downward spiral in accordance with the push of perpetual vaccination. Wall Street is awaking and hedge funds managers are reaching out and talking about if mandatory vaccination is legitimate.

 It looks like a multi fraud that originated from big pharma. The tech lords and mainstream media have coordinated efforts and shared propaganda. This vaccine disaster would not happen without silencing and censoring the truth.  The corrupted governments opened the door for bribes to hold control and power 

The FDA was pressured into authorization. The FDA gets 6% of its budget from big pharma. They saw the fraudulent clinical trial process but still pushed it through. The FDA, CDC, NIH and the White House who are all involved.

Big pharma ignores people’s death and disabilities to help global governments around the world get returns in the vaccine trade. The revenue and mandating of the vaccines is proportional. Given that half of the world’s population is vaccinated, its profit should have increased by 50%. That’s enough to bribe global government officials. Then they promoted the vaccine to children aged 1 to 3, as if they were stepping on the accelerator for the last bit of market profit. This is insane.

Looks like Jacinda Ardern, PM of New Zealand, called “I am all in!” from day 1 into this “poker game”. Unverified news tells that Jacinda Ardern’s network went from $400000 to 25 million. Assume if big phama gives her 25 million to mandate 2.5 million out of 5 million NZ people. The revenue is probably 290 million.

Unlike Enron which involved only money and it had already caused damage before the investigation. But the vaccine program is still going on; People are now dying and are being injured. This is a very unique situation.

The politicians being bribed may turn on the CEOs of big pharma.  The spider net that coordinates all of them may come to reality. People who feel betrayed may put pressure on politicians to confess. They cannot keep a lid on this and the truth will always come out.

Not allow talking about vaccine deaths is impossible. The reported insurance death claim by Acorn is $111 million in Q3, up from the same time last year of $31 million. The Swiss Ray reports 3Q of 2021 death claims of $1.2 billion. The number includes the death by vaccination and others causes.

Wall street is awaking because the crack begins. At a certain point in time, big insurance would say that they do not pay vaccine deaths claims any more. A verified person who obtained a court document states “This is experimental and you should know”.

The stock price of big pharma may go down to a few dollars or zero. When looking into investment income by big pharma, big insurance may discover what they have done. Some day big insurance may go to war against big pharma which may face the biggest settlements and fines ever. CEOs will go to jail.

The number of deaths from vaccinations is far underreported. It is brutal to know how many associated people died from vaccination. From an accumulative conservative report there are at least 130,000 American deaths and 400,000 deaths at this point.  This is just the start.

The faster the hedge fund managers short those stocks, the less people will die. Mandatory vaccination will blow up at some point.  Lawyers would line up and take care of issues for employers. If hedge fund managers flip the screen and short big phama stocks, the result would be faster than regulatory measures.

The hedge fund has been called evil and now they can be the hero. The trading instinct is come from the info of the alleged fake vaccine. All you need to know is the FDA tries to hide clinical data from the public and the FDA people do not get jabbed. In common sense, choosing “long” on big pharma is supporting the fascist and the mandate. For your own wellbeing you may just “short” big pharma.

Just like Enron’s dripping at the beginning, the big pharma stock is in a spiral with slow dripping now. Hopefully it accelerates the process to get FDA, CDC and NIH. Regulatory crocks such as Fauci who can control media and other things. When the market smells blood, it will push the regulatory body to the light. So they will not be able to hide anything. When people see it they will revolt. 

They know that they are exposed and it is over, just a matter of time. There is mounting evidence and serious concerns. They are trying to double and triple down to cover up the scheme. Almost overnight, they tried to shut this down by saying “Oh, the corona virus is over”. That is probably a sign of their desperation.

The messages from the above highlights prove Miles Guo’s early predictions. He is the earliest one to say in public that big phama will go bankrupt.


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