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During the Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on January 30th, 2022, Miles Guo revealed that CCP currently is not allowing any European diplomatic aircrafts to land in Beijing airport in order to evacuate the embassy personnel and their families during the Winter Olympics.

Towards the end of the Live Broadcast, after singing and humming the song Tian Mi Mi (aka Sweet as Honey), Miles said, “Everyone please think about it right now, the U.S. has been sending so many MEDical EVACuation (MEDEVAC) aircrafts which are the military medical aircrafts to Beijing recently for evacuating the embassy personnel, together with furniture and all kinds of items. CCP is begging the U.S. (government) not to leave, and most likely would call the U.S. as “Daddy” if they have to. The U.S. diplomats didn’t give any responses.”

Miles commented that he really doesn’t understand sometimes, but the biggest difference between the CCP and foreigners on their public announcements and plans is that, for example, Japanese always do it without talking about it. British always would just do it without ever letting people know and hope no one would find out, and then they become the Great Britain. Germans might say it after they have done it, which depends on the situation. The French will do it first then complain about it for the rest of the life, they always complain. Americans talk about it sometimes but sometimes they don’t even mention about it after they have done it. Only the CCP that they always only talk great about it but without doing anything or eventually just could not do it.

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Map of the Embassies

Following the U.S., there are many European countries also want to send aircrafts to withdraw their staff and families from their embassies which are mostly located around the Second Ring Road area in Beijing. But Miles said “guess what, the CCP won’t issue any visa to them. CCP is such a bunch of Scruffy Hooligans!”

Miles wanted the viewers to imagine if any friends come to visit him for a party, but they are not allowed to leave in the middle of the party for any reason. “How ridiculous!” Miles expressed. And to be more specific, he refuses the departure by not letting their vehicles park around the house nor he will not open the gate either and making everyone to wait even when all the guests are all eagerly to leave. This is the situation of the embassies’ personnel.

People from three European countries told Miles that they tried to tell the CCP that because of the virus they have to withdraw some of their embassy personnel and family members from Beijing. But now, the CCP does not allow any business or diplomatic aircrafts to land in Beijing anymore.

Miles received a call on January 29th from his friend in Europe on asking him how he always knows everything in advance and telling him that they really just wanted to take some of the embassy personnel and family members back home from Beijing. But the CCP cannot accept them on doing this and will not arrange as Miles predicted before.

“Now, Miles Guo, a person as what the CCP described and slandered as a cheater, a lair, ‘3-seconds-Guo'(rapist), and ‘3-evil-Guo'(cult leader) is now becoming the person of all the politicians from the West trusted the most.” said Miles.

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