Author: tear down the wall

Here is an ambush in the title. This action, which Westerners are used to doing, implies irony. (the title written in this way) means: “Is it true that you claim to take down the CCP? I don’t think so. I think you’re lying. It is similar to a kind of discrimination or disapproval.

The tone of the first photo is very “meaningful”. Secondly, only Isobel Yang was sitting in the middle of the image. She crossed her legs and looked bored. Her eyes and facial expressions are invisible. It creates an atmosphere of loneliness, even possibly she was left alone (unattended) for a long time. In my opinion, there are two possibilities. On the one hand, the video seems to convey, “Mr. Guo hasn’t been here for a while, and I’m bored of waiting.” Another possibility, it’s a flashback that she’s finished the interview, but it was very unsuccessful and unhappy. After the interview, Mr. Guo left straight away, leaving her on her own.

In fact, Crab (screen name) only appears in one frame, the “main character” is the self-complacent so-called “human rights lawyer” Biao Teng, who appears later. Why does the director describe Crab in this frame? My personal idea is, he represents an ordinary, so-called “Chinese image”, an ordinary Chinese person. To be brief, as a normal audience, if you’re not sure about the entire inside story, you won’t realize him. But his words are the core reason for his presence at this moment. “We have never seen a Chinese person like Guo Wengui,” he said. This statement is essentially a trial. Personally, I think it sets the tone for Mr. Guo directly, just like a jury trial. Such a so-called “ordinary Chinese image” is shown in the second frame, and he has already made the final judgment for Miles. What does this mean? Is it a compliment? Of course not. So, it just sets a negative tone for the following. This means It gives the impression that you don’t be surprised by any words or behaviors of Miles Guo displayed in the following documentary because no other “normal Chinese person” would be like him.

Isobel Yang wielded her hand in the air rudely and clapped it. In my opinion, it may happen during the interval break and this may be the reason why Mr. Guo was drinking. So, personally, I guess Isobel’s group just set up a trap for Mr. Guo. It means Mr. Guo may actually not feel the hostility of them at this moment. But I believe they are actually pre-set to catch such a shot. In the foreground is she clapped her hands, turned her face over helplessly. It was an abrupt switch. And seemed like the interview was totally unsuccessful. Also, Mr. Guo was drinking water, looked distracted. The key issue is their color tones are different. In the foreground, Isobel Yang seemed lighter, comfortable, but Mr. Guo looked too dark to imagine. I’ll show a comparison later, Mr. Guo was wearing a grass-green suit that day. Including the color of the flag, (the national flag of the New Federal State of China), they intentionally dimmed the light of Miles during post-processing. So the hidden stigmatizing intent of the third frame is also obvious. They aim to use this clap action and the color contrast between the front and back shots to discredit Mr. Guo.


2022-01-29 【藏在镜头后的魔鬼】 第一集 澳喜艺术文化中心直播