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On February 1st, Japanese media invited two reporters who were inside and outside the quarantine zone of the Winter Olympic Games to visit the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on the ground.

232位北京冬奥会相关人员感染中共病毒– GNEWS

The journalists inside the quarantine zone said that the whole zone is like a giant birdcage, almost completely cut off from the outside world. Life in the quarantine zone is strictly limited, as if under house arrest, and journalists can only travel between hotels, press centers, and venues with games. In addition to the strict epidemic control measures, the journalist also revealed that all interviews in the quarantine zone had to be reviewed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and any questions asked during the interviews had to be answered with answers pre-determined by the CCP, with no freedom of speech at all.

Reporters outside the quarantine zone said they did not feel a very welcoming atmosphere at the Winter Olympics, after all, in China, the Chinese New Year right now is the most important thing.

The CCP was already promoting the success of the Winter Olympics before the opening ceremony, continuing the brainwashing of the people of mainland China. At the same time, the Japanese media also pointed out that the reason for emphasizing “success” is to pave the way for Xi Jinping’s re-election this fall. 

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