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As reported by thepaper.cn on January 30, Communist China’s scientists published a paper claiming that the Omicron variant might have originated from mice, because the virus strain contains multiple mutations that are adapted to infect mice. This is another of the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to blame the Covid virus origin on animals.

Academician Xu Jianguo from Communist China’s CDC and Professor Sun Yamin from Nankai University together published a scientific paper titled “Origin and evolutionary analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant.” A major argument of the paper is that the Omicron variant contains N501Y mutation (position 501, Asparagine is substituted by Tyrosine) on the virus spike protein, and this mutation confers the new virus strain broad ability to infect rodents and cats. Including N501Y mutation, the spike (S) protein of Omicron variant has five mutations that make the virus adapted to infect animals and enhance affinity to mouse mACE2 receptor. Therefore, the paper’s authors believe Omicron “might have accumulated mutations in mice and transmitted back to humans.”

A prominent difference between Omicron and other virus strains is that Omicron contains significantly more mutations than other strains, especially in the virus spike protein’s Receptor Binding Domain (RBD). In theory, mutations arise at a constant rate in coronavirus in a given time, but the large number of mutations in Omicron are drastically different from other virus strains. The paper’s authors believe the coronavirus strain might have swapped hosts under intense selective pressure. The authors find these mutations enable the virus strain to infect mice, and therefore designate mice as the hosts.

Through phylogenetic tree analysis of viral genetic sequence, it is found that Omicron isn’t part of any intermediate branch in the process of evolution, which means Omicron didn’t evolve from the Delta variant and is instead a branch by itself. According to Professor Sun Yamin, Omicron might have branched out at an early time and have started to evolve in non-human species. After more than a year of dormancy, Omicron slowly accumulates mutations in mice and finally transmits back to humans.

The argument by the Chinese Communist Party’s scientists appears to make sense, but there is one suspicious point—was the N501 mutation artificially created by CCP scientists in the lab? In 2020, Zhou Yusen (a scientist affiliated with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences) published a paper titled “Adaptation of SARS-CoV-2 in BALB/c mice for testing vaccine efficacy” in the journal Science. As described by the paper, Zhou uses the technique of serial passage to enhance the adaptive ability of viruses in the body of mice to create the N501Y mutation. Briefly, steps of the experiment are: wild-type mice are intranasally inoculated with the original Covid virus; then the mice are euthanized; virus-containing lung tissues are ground up to infect other mice in the next cycle; the infection cycles are repeated many times. In Zhou’s experiment, the virus undergoes adaptive mutation in the mouse body and grows more virulent in each cycle of serial passage. The original Covid strain cannot infect mice, but the N501Y mutant strain derived from serial passage can infect and cause pneumonia among mice. The virus spike protein containing N501Y mutation has enhanced affinity to mouse ACE2 receptors. Thus, the N501Y mutation might have been the result of the virus’ adaptive mutation in the mouse body, but the artificial lab environment accelerates the evolution of the virus. 

Besides, a People’s Liberation Army general named Xu Dezhong has authored a biological warfare textbook titled “The Unnatural Origin of SARS-1 and the Man-made Human Virus as a Genetic Bioweapon.” The book proposes a type of ecological bioweapon, meaning the virus can infect both humans and animals. Therefore, wild animals become the pathogen’s natural reservoir hosts. Pathogen-carrying animals will keep spreading the virus, causing epidemics that last decades. The N501Y mutant strain created by Zhou Yusen’s adaptive trials is probably an ecological-type bioweapon that relies on rodents as the natural reservoir hosts to spread the virus. 

The timing of the Omicron outbreak also arouses suspicion. Last year, Mr. Miles Guo forecasted that the CCP would release virus after Thanksgiving in 2021, and the virus outbreak would start from Africa, spreading from western United States to the eastern coast. Later, the progress of the epidemics matches perfectly with Mr. Guo’s intelligence. Omicron should be a bioweapon released by the CCP, or otherwise why does the epidemic outbreak have an accurate timing?

The aforementioned Professor Sun Yamin also calls for developing Covid vaccines for animals, but his proposal will lead to disasters. Vaccinated animals will generate and shed a lot of virus spike proteins. Mr. Guo said Covid vaccines are toxins. Vaccinating pets like rodents or cats will turn these animals into carriers of toxins, and this will expedite the evolution of viruses and will cause more severe outbreaks.

The CCP blames the origin of the Omicron variant on mice to cover up its crimes of developing and unleashing bioweapons. 


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