Now let’s do a thought experiment. If COVID 19 were to infect every single human being on this planet and was not to be treated. So, what would be the overall global death rate? The answer is less than one percent.

The reality is that the majority of low-risk individuals will clear the virus with no sequela. And the high-risk population would have a 7.5% death rate. But if you average that out through the entire world population.We’re looking at a death rate of less than one percent.

You have to ask a different question. What is going to be the death rate from global vaccination? And that is going to be several orders of magnitude.

If I come out and say, listen 90% of humanity is going to be dead in a few years. You know no one’s going to take it seriously. And we don’t really know for sure.

There have been people advocating for population reduction for decades. When Bill Gates in 2015 says that the world population needs to be reduced by a certain percentage.  And he gives rationality global warming or whatever.

So my question is a very simple question. He’s one of the main supporters and profiteers of global vaccination. Why would I take a vaccine for my health´╝čFrom someone who’s advocating for the reduction of the world population?

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