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A legal battle between Miles Guo and Pacific Alliance Group (PAG) was scheduled to take place on the 2nd February 2022, EST. On his 19 Jan live stream, Mr Guo explained why Weijian Shan’s PAG had specifically chosen that date for the court session:

(Briefly) “In a meeting with lawyers yesterday, it was mentioned that Justice Barry Ostrager had originally scheduled for the court to be in session on February the 8th, litigating the case regarding the yacht Lady May. However, PAG’s lawyer rejected that date, citing unavailability, and proposing February the 2nd instead. The reason is, the Chinese New Year fell on 1 February, and would hence be celebrated here in America on the 2nd. PAG follows orders from the China Ministry of Public Security and received orders setting the date accordingly. The motive is, to emotionally tie-down Miles Guo, foreshadowing trouble on the first day of the New Year. The concept is no different from the decision to re-shape the top of the Pangu Tower from a dragon to a glans. In every court session over the past four to five years, the court would address topics like Miles Guo being a double spy, Miles Guo being a rapist, conspiracies surrounding Wu Zheng, and Michael Waller’s case.”

Shan Weijian was sent to the West early on as a pawn to bribe the United States. On his resume sits a stint as an assistant professor in Wharton. He was a CCP operative deeply entrenched in the West’s capital, media, political and judicial systems. A sharp-witted man, Shan Weijian could be seen singing flattering praises for the CCP over the past few years.

Shan Weijian published an article titled “The Truth that the American Public should Recognize” on the media outlet Project Syndicate on May the 18th 2020. Project Syndicate is a non-profit establishment offering commentary and analysis on a wide range of topics, and is deemed as the “most intellectual column in the world”.

Shan Weijian’s co-author of the aforementioned column, Stephen S. Roach, who is a PhD. Economist from NYU, and also was once the chief economist in Morgan Stanley and executive for its Asian branch resides in Hong Kong. He was once a member of the Hong Kong government advisory organization Economic Opportunity Council, which works closely with China. 

On March the 23rd 2019, the English version of China People’s Daily Online published an article titled “Stephen Roach: the 70-year Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party Marks a Significant Day in History”. When interviewed, Stephen Roach claimed that the past 40 years of the Chinese Communist Party could be described as impressive, and strongly commended the CCP’s “Belt and Road Initiative”.

In the article “The Truth that the American Public should Recognize”, Roach and Shan smeared President Trump. It stated that “Public opinion in the United States pins the blame for the COVID-19 pandemic squarely on China. After all, that’s where the virus started. And President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have fanned the flames by accusing China of covering up the outbreak and knowingly allowing the novel coronavirus to spread. But their supposed smoking gun, the tragic fate of the heroic whistleblower, Li Wenliang, fires only blanks…Li was a courageous young man. His actions, however, were relatively unremarkable. Indeed, his role has been distorted without regard for fact.

In this article, Roach and Shan also shamelessly commended Wuhan officials for their prompt response.

“Contrary to the Western narrative, the initial response of local authorities was prompt, albeit not without error. Facts and dates are important here. One day later, on December 30, the Wuhan Health Commission sent an urgent warning to all medical institutions under its jurisdiction about the outbreak of mysterious new pneumonia.

Within hours, the central government dispatched an expert working group from the national health commission to conduct on-site investigations an organize a potential epidemic response. The team arrived early the next morning, December 31, and by 1p.m. That day, the Wuhan Health Commission issued a public announcement about 27 pneumonia cases of unknown origin. The warning added that there was “so far no discovery of cases of obvious human-to-human transmission or infection of medical workers”- a mistake that would haunt China.”

He then excused the CCP for deliberately covering up details about the pandemic.

“The major early mistake-the failure to consider the possibility of human-to-human transmission- was a judgment error, which probably reflected an under-reporting of cases. Sadly, that lesson has been lost on the US, which continues to suffer from a glaring deficiency of testing and a related undercounting of infections.”

At the conclusion of the article, Roach and Shan brought up Anthony Fauci, while slandering the Trump Administration’s opinions as “Conspiracy Theories”.

“Equally important to the GOP strategy is the charge that Covid-19 WAS SPAWNED IN A LAB AT THE Wuhan Institute of Virology. Notwithstanding the rejection of such allegations by US and other Western Intelligence sources, leading scientists, and Anthony Fauci, America’s foremost expert on Infectious diseases, the GOP’S mendacious claims persist.

Whether it’s the lab in Wuhan or the alleged martyrdom of Li, the implications are the same: the more the US struggles with the ravages of Covid-19, the more desperate Trump and his loyalists are to blame China. Ina political strategy laced with conspiracy theories; facts matter little. “

This article is but one of the many instances where Shan Weijian was singing flattering praises for the Chinese Communist Party on Western media. The series will, in the following days, expose in detail other wrongdoings of Shan Weijian.


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