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The CCP is so spooked by the New Federal State of China (NSFC) that China does not dare to broadcast the Olympic opening ceremony live on national TV channel CCTV. The excuse given for not having a live transmission is CCTV does not have broadcasting rights, which is absurd because China is the host country. Only other countries are showing the opening ceremony live on their TV. Initially, it was planned to have 135 countries attending the Olympics, with at least 97 countries’ key leaders present at the opening ceremony, but the numbers turned out to be far fewer than anticipated.

Putin was arranged to stay at Waldorf Astoria hotel for security’s sake. Waldorf Astoria hotel isn’t one of the top 3 prestigious hotels in Beijing and is unfitting for a person such as Putin to spend his night in. Even then, Xi Jinping was unable to provide the Russian leader with basic security and more than ten of Putin’s accompanying staff are now infected with the virus. It was heard that Putin went into a fit of rage and started reviling the people around him. The security took a further blow when a lead sniper responsible for the Olympic’s safety was found dead near Pangu hotel. Also, half of the few hundred children performers sent to Beijing have been infected with the virus during the last week, and more than ten have died since. As a result, the area within 500km of Pangu is currently put on high alert.

Xi Jinping looked dull and haggard during his opening ceremony speech, unlike the much more radiant look he was wearing a few years ago. Putin was seen sitting isolated in one corner, with his hands together, fingers interlocking, and eyes half-opened, looking rather disinterested. The entire opening ceremony lasted for three whole hours, which is the longest in history by a huge margin and yet is entirely a gigantic bore-fest. The live broadcast suffered terrible viewership, with only 15 thousand audiences at one time, far lesser than any of Miles’ broadcast, which includes broadcast like Miles just running aimlessly on a treadmill. This Olympics will be the start of a new nightmare for the CCP.

Looking back on history, the United States had a rewarding and friendly relationship with China which began in the 18th century. The first American envoy sent to China brought ginseng and silver, and in return, the Qing court gave gunpowder, tea leaves and porcelain. This paved the way for the first treaty (Pu An threat) signed between the two countries in 1793. Later on, Rockefeller and Morgan and other influential families would offer help to build schools in China and Beijing University was one of them. Americans during those days had great respect for the Chinese and admired the country’s deep culture. Contrast that with today in which Communism had managed to destroy the culture of the Chinese people, instilling hate and brainwashing them, desecrating their lifestyle and turning them into ignorant people easy for manipulation.

In the United States today, the price of bread and oil has risen to a level that minimum wage workers are now finding it hard to make ends meet. This will cause a reduction in demand for more expensive items and not needed services, which will affect the earnings of those higher up on the ladder. In addition, the truck revolution will exacerbate the already dire situation. However, the worst is yet to come, and the economy is expected to go downhill much further. Two things to look out for are credit card bad debt ratings and banks’ bad debt ratings. Once these two ratings drop below a certain threshold, the economy is in a freefall. The reason for the recent slump in stock prices such as PayPal and Meta (Facebook) are bad earnings forecast, and it is not advisable for anyone to speculate in stock now. Although the coming economic collapse will be the greatest mankind has ever seen, Miles believes that the rebound will also be the quickest United States will ever see. The coming collapse will leave most poorer, so people should prepare by getting into a sound financial position early. A great wealth redistribution will happen, and some of the existing magnates will lose a large portion of their wealth.

Himalaya Pay (HPay) is one of the wisest places for the Chinese people to deposit their money. HPay provides an environment where the customer’s information will be kept private and his money discreet. Chinese people are encouraged to deposit as much of their money into Himalaya Exchange as possible to protect wealth. The NFSC already has means of siphoning the Chinese Yuan out of China, and whistleblowers can contact Himalaya farms to find out more. HPay provides unlimited opportunities for business growth for people outside China as there is no transaction fee between merchants and customers, unlike PayPal, which charges up to 6.9% for each transaction.

Source: Miles Guo’s 4th Feb 2022 Broadcast on GETTR

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