Written by: Ermat

The U.S. economy is like this harsh winter, which makes people feel very cold. Recently, the share prices of industry giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and Coinbase have been plummeting, and various macroeconomic indices in the US have continued to deteriorate. In response, Mr. Guo Wengui said in a live broadcast on Feb. 2 that the U.S. economy, technology and Hollywood will go through a big change and there will be many people who are destitute.

Usually the starting point for wages in the United States is $15 to $45, lawyers are $300 to $1,500, and most are $500 an hour. Such a big difference is because different classes of people have different levels of consumption. But bread, gasoline and clothes are the most basic necessities of life, their prices can not substantially higher. If the bread of the United States is more than $ 1.5, then Americans are crazy.

Second are the lawyers and accountants, who are called blue-collar people. Third are those core big corporations like Facebook, Paypal, Coca-Cola and GM. Then it is the big truck index in the US. Now the U.S. economy is not at its worst. The worst time for the economy is when there are a lot of bad debts from credit cards and banks.

The drop in Paypal stock has nothing to do with Hpay. The drop in Twitter stock has nothing to do with Gettr. We have to be confident, and the craziest thing is to be unconfident. Back then, Khrushchev said that in the thousand-year history of the Soviet Union, the person with the most inferiority complex was Stalin. That touched me a lot. The more inferior a person is, the more powerful he has to appear. Later, I learned that low self-esteem shows tyranny and hypocrisy. Anyone, when you can’t face your good and bad, the price you pay in life is that you are in a dream, you will not experience the joy of success and you will not find the reasons for your failure.

Paypal had a big drop in expected profits. Twitter made a poor profit. Facebook’s costs plummeted hundreds of times at once. The risk is high in Facebook’s expectations. Brothers and sisters, if you are stupid enough to hold shares of these companies now, you are absolutely waiting to die. You still have a chance to get out before the landslide.

Gettr’s future products are Gettr Pay, Gettr Coin and Gettr Vision, which no one can stop when they come out. We have no original sin. Hpay allows Hcoin to be traded peer-to-peer, without intermediaries, without fees, without centralization, without limit on the amount, without pricing rules, without conditions, it is safe, easy, and can be transmitted in seconds. 

This economic crisis will put the US economy, technology and Hollywood through a major shake-up. It will leave many people destitute. After that, there will be a major technological takeoff of the world, which includes biotechnology, quantum computers, space technology and new materials technology.

The U.S. economic crisis, which occurs every eight years, usually lasts two to eight years,This time, although it is unprecedentedly dark, there may be an economic rebound in less than a year. People are gods if they can hold on for a year, otherwise, they are ashes.


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