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Recently, the closely watched incident of imprisoned woman gave birth to eight children in Feng County, Jiangsu Province, was blocked. The local propaganda department refuted rumors that the woman was taken in when she was a homeless person, and said that “there is no abduction and trafficking.”

A few days ago, netizens exposed that a suspected abducted woman was chained in a simple house and suffered inhuman treatment.  In the video, it can be seen that in a corner like a latrine, a unkempt woman is tied to her neck by an iron chain, and the lock hanging around her neck is particularly shocking.  The woman was wearing thin clothing in the cold temperatures, her speech was slurred, and she seemed unable to converse normally.

Immediately after the video was released, some netizens said that the villagers said that the mother had an education and could speak English when she came. She was beaten up by her husband, Dong, and said that she would have her teeth pulled if she was disobedient.

Some netizens further disclosed that the imprisoned woman was a high school student and was abducted and sold here.  Many netizens commented that the woman’s husband was suspected of human trafficking and extra birthing. He was extremely vicious to tie the woman’s neck with a dog chain, and is suspected of abusing women.

In addition, a netizen once visited the family. The father of children revealed in the video that he is 56 years old, has an acre of land at home, and usually takes care of 8 children at home, the eldest child is 10 years old.  At the age of 34, he was still unmarried and looked down upon by those around him.

The incident has aroused great attention from the whole network. Netizens have expressed that in this “modern” new world, seeing such a scene is simply hell on earth, and they can’t bear to look directly.

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Up to now, the video originally posted by netizens has been deleted, and related topics have been officially blocked.  Subsequently, the local government quickly launched “stability maintenance” and successively issued so-called rumor-refuting notices.

The Fengxian County CCP Committee Propaganda Department told ifeng.com that after investigation, the woman in the video was from Huankou Town, Fengxian County, Xuzhou. She was married to the children’s father in 1998. Because of her violent tendencies, her family placed her in a separate house.

On January 30, the Propaganda Department of the Fengxian County CCP Committee once again stated that the woman Yang Mouxia (whose name was taken by Dong Moumin) was taken in by Dong Moumin’s father Dong Mougeng (deceased) when she was begging outside, and she has since been living with Dong Moumin, and said that there was no abduction and trafficking.

According to the official statement, since May 2014, the local government has implemented a subsistence allowance policy for Dong Moumin’s family.  Among them, 3 children enjoy a living allowance of RMB750 per person per semester, and the other 2 children enjoy a government subsidy of RMB500 per person per semester.  It is worth mentioning that the authorities of Jiangsu Province announced as early as January 2020 that the poverty alleviation rate in the province reached over 99.99%.

At present, the woman has been taken away by the local authority for medical treatment.

Netizens questioned the local rumor-refuting. Before the full implementation of the two-child policy in 2015, the birth of a second child was subject to heavy penalties, and why should Dong Moumin’s family be rewarded for having eight children?  Furthermore, if Yang Mouxia’s mental illness existed before marriage, as a mental patient, she has no independent civil capacity, then Dong Moumin married Yang Mouxia, had sex and imprisoned her in a bad environment, he is very likely suspected of rape. For which, the local public security department is to blame.

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