Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Sania

On February 3, brothers-in-arms from Taiwan farm such as Da Niu and Zhengqing went to a Yamaha motorcycle dealership in Taipei to purchase a Chinese New Year raffle gift, and used the HPay App to complete the transaction with 52 HCoins.

It was reported that our BIAs used GTV live broadcast for this historic business transaction. As the transaction proceeded, the BIAs first asked the merchant the price of the motorcycle, and then converted nt$75,000 into US$2,735 or 52 HCoins. Then they asked the owner whether he wanted to use HDO or HCN for the transaction, and the owner took the initiative to choose HCN for the transaction. Then the BIAs entered the merchant’s name, the transaction amount, the currency, a note about the buyer and the purchaser on the HPay system, and finally pressed “confirm”, instantly completing the transaction. The merchant also immediately saw the remittance, which had arrived in his own HPay account.

After HDO, the successful application of HCoin payment is another milestone event, marking the digital currency and the HPay system of the New Federal State of China, fully accepted by the world, and the beginning of a new era of free human transactions.

Reference: 台湾农场完成第一笔用喜币购买机车的交易

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