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As of February 2, the Himalaya Exchange HPay application has been launched in the Apple App Store in more than 20 countries. These countries include Australia, Estonia, Romania, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Angola, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, France, Greece, Austria, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

In the Grand Live Broadcast on February 2, Mile Guo revealed that before launching HPay, the Federal Reserve was the first country to oppose it, then Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and other countries also objected. A certain major man believes that HPay has already won when it launched on Android, and it is impossible to launch it on Apple. Apple has throughout been extremely strict with any payment system.

HPay successfully launches at the Apple Store in multiple countries on the first day of the lunar new year. It is a matter of man, but also the will of God that is difficult to defeat. Himalaya Exchange and HPay are the future of all humanity, transcending the limits of nations and the physical world, aiming to eliminate the distance between people, break the barriers between faith and humanity, and will lead humanity into a new civilization.

Reference: HPay应用程序已在多国苹果店上线

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