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Brian McCloskey, chairman of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Medical Expert Group, said on February 3rd that 55 new people were diagnosed with the CCP virus (COVID-19) in the Winter Olympics on the 2nd, a record high. On January 23rd, a total of 287 people have been diagnosed so far.

Just a day before the official opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, McCloskey said at an International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting that 29 of the cases were found among new arrivals at the airport, and 26 were found among all event personnel and general staff. Found in Volkswagen’s “Closed Loop Management”.

Of the 610,000 tests of Olympic-related personnel since January 23rd, 287 people have tested positive.

McCloskey said “the number was very small” and once all the participants arrived, the numbers started to drop. They are confident that the system will work, but they will not let up and will keep all the measures in place.

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