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During the grand livestream on Feb 2, Miles Guo vowed to turn the CCP’s Beijing Winter Olympics into its hibernation.  He further revealed from different perspectives that this Winter Olympics would be a total defeat for the CCP. 

From the start, the chosen site of the Winter Olympics which is located at Zhangjiakou, implies deep political motivation.  It was intended to achieve one city of Beijing to host both the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics.  There are also economic motivations behind it.  Hebei province wants to engage in real estate business through the Olympics.  Miles Guo said in 1998 he had thousands of acres of lands in Chengde, Hebei province.  However, after the CCP obtained the right to host the Winter Olympics, he actually returned the lands.  Many people did not understand, asking why Mr. Guo for his reasons, when the value would seemingly be increasing hundreds and thousands of times.  In contrast, other real estate developers such as Pan Shiyi, Country Garden, Wang Jianlin, rushed to get a hold of the lands.

From the very beginning, Miles Guo had doubts about the Winter Olympics and believed that the CCP could not be successful at all.  Minister Geng of the Ministry of Security even warned: “Miles, don’t talk in this way when you are outside.  This is a big political event.”  Miles had two reasons.  One reason; he was convinced that the CCP will be dead or half dead by 2022.  Another reason; he believed that Zhangjiakou is a place of bad Fengshui, where the mountains and rivers were exhausted.  He said, “that area is different from other parts of Hebei.  Its soil is all loose, and this kind of land cannot be of great value.  It is like, no matter how romantic under the volcano, it’s not appropriate for you to build a house there.”  Hosting the Winter Olympics in Hebei is entirely a political deal, as well as real estate deals.  Dong Tongsheng, then director of the Public Security department, who also was a lackey of the Jiang family, was an important promoter behind it.  These Olympic games: “it was originated from evil; this was a result of political deal.  This is unscientific, unnatural, impossible to be successful.”  Those who made the decisions were already finished.”

In addition, Mr. Guo also revealed from other perspectives that hosting the Winter Olympics is equivalent to committing suicide.  He also said that our fellow fighters are everywhere.  In the future, it may be necessary to obtain the 24-hour security videos of many important venues.  Once the videos are released, it will be hard for you to imagine the outcome.  The Olympics are managed by a group, of which 80% are Communist China PLA men (People’s Liberation Army). 

What’s more, the CCP has deployed three kinds of necessary weapons around the Olympic venues, for the purpose of suppressing foreign athletes.  The first kind is stun guns.  Miles Guo watched a demonstration of stun gun in the United States in his early years.  When the trigger was pulled, the target fell to the ground like being pulled by a rope, then felt chest pains.  He didn’t believe the demonstration at the time.  He then took the initiative to try the electric shock.  It was really powerful.  The Beijing Winter Olympics are equipped with the high-end and the highest-voltage stun guns.  The second is riot control facilities, and the third is even more frightening.  It sounds like a hypnotic chemical weapon, a silent, colorless, fragrance-free hypnotic weapon. Once pressed, it makes people within 500 meters immediately falling down, and faint for more than ten minutes.  This is CCP’s so-called Great Weapon.  Mr. Guo asked; “if you think that the Winter Olympics are a grand event for mankind, why do you need stun guns and hypnotic weapon?”

This Olympic event is also an opportunity for the CCP to collect DNA of the athletes from all over the world.  As long as the athletes use the blankets provided, as long as they enter the city of Beijing, all their information including DNA will be collected.  Of course, more than 80% of the athletes participating this Olympics are not the world’s top athletes, nor are they popular in the West.  The professional athletes did not attend. 

Although various events are predicted to happen during the games, the “Big Fake Empty”, CCP will still declare to the world that this is the perfect Olympics never seen in history.  No matter how many people die, it is normal.  No matter what will happen, it is normal.  The tone is set that the CCP is infinitely great.

Mr. Miles Guo said that the Tian Mi Mi (Sweet As Honey) campaign consists of three moves. The first is the withdrawal of U.S. diplomats.  The second is the three songs released this year.  The third is for the Winter Olympics.  Miles Guo vowed to turn the Winter Olympics into CCP’s hibernation.  “No one else knows the history of Beijing Winter Olympics, its geology, and its weaknesses.  I, Brother Seven, can definitely have more coming from the sky, than the CCP’s 2.3 million snow bombs.  I can for sure let your snow bombs fail.  If you do not believe, let us wait and see.” 

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