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*Interviewer: Isobel Yeung of HBO VICE
*Interviewee: Miles Guo

In the last issue, we compared the Code and reviewed the beginning of the interview video about Miles Guo made by Isobel Yeung released by VICE Media on December 2021. Well, in general, there are too many places in this video that do not comply with the Code, and some are even lies or slander at all, so in this issue, we will speed up the pace and continue to compare Video A (the original live interview video) and Video B (edited by VICE Media) to show you more about the mistakes and absurdities, even sinister intentions, of video B.

Left is the B video, and right is the A video.

Video A – the original interview, unedited
Video B – edited version by VICE

This part of video B is about 10 seconds, in which the interviewer described the interviewee this way: ” And he has used his enormous platform to spread lies.” then, this sentence is followed by two sentences spoken by the interviewee himself: “The COVID vaccine is the real tool for killing people”, “Coronavirus is the CCP’s bioweapon”, which were from other videos, not the live interview.

Let’s take a look at video A. 

The fact is, this part of the live interview lasted over 140 seconds, in which the interviewer said she find it too insane and couldn’t believe those words about virus, vaccine and so on said by the interviewee. Then, the interviewee, Miles, told her to “go check out” and she would find that since 2017, he has forewarned many things in advance on social media, including Twitter and YouTube. All were live broadcasts, and all were big matters, such as the “Pandora’s Box for the West”, “beware of biochemical and chemical weapons”, “hydroxychloroquine can be helpful in treatment of the CCP virus (Covid-19)”, “the virus would eventually mutate”, “India was at high likelihood to have a major outbreak” and etc. He told the Western world repeatedly that “darkness is coming upon”. He denounced her, saying that “what we said were more than 90% correct” but the interviewer still accused him of spreading rumors. As Miles said in the interview about the interviewer: “you lost your conscience, you have ulterior motives, and you are part of the devil”.

So the fact is simple. The interviewer deleted the 140-second statement of the interviewee, but took two sentences from his other videos and put them together after her own baseless slander as the conclusion of this part, we no longer need to comment on this shameless behavior against the Code, her practice can no longer be measured by morality. This is a crime and a blatant rumor.

Let’s go on to the next part.

Video A – the original interview, unedited
Video B – edited version by VICE

This part of the video B is about 7 seconds, which still does not have even a single section from the original interview video. It says “Guo was once one of China’s richest Real Estate Moguls. With high-level corruption charges looming he fled the authorities in Beijing.” Comparing video A (the corresponding part is about 280 seconds long ), we can find that none of these sentences is actually relevant to the real live interview.

The real live interview is a question about labeling Miles as a so-called “spy” , regardless he is a double agent or not. The interviewee’s answer is crystal clear and irrefutable: any spy must sign documents with his or her government, so just show me the documents. There is no need to announce in the newspaper of suspecting someone being a spy, and media are not government, nor they are court, they have no right to do so.

None of such section is shown in Video B, showing it’s not an interview at all, it’s a rumor, a rumor fabricated most likely before the interview. The so called reporter was there to frame the interviewee with various pre-designed questions. If the latter is tricked by her, the everything will go in the way she wants. If not, she could still use the fabricated, edited scenes and dialogue as bases to support her rumor, just like the interviewee said in live interview. We can’t even use the “b” (the word insulting a female as a sex worker) word to describe her here, because it will be an insult to a sex worker. A sex worker put into a lot of effort to earn money, and she can only earn a pitiful little dirty money by lying, spreading rumors and selling out her soul.

Therefore, there is no use to judge her using the standard of the Code item by item, and we will skip this step.

Let’s go on to the next part.

Video A – the original interview, unedited
Video B – edited version by VICE

This part of the Video B is somewhat longer for VICE, about 52 seconds, but still has no section included from the original live interview. All the images and sections came from other videos, after elaborate arrangement and combination, an atmosphere that symbolizing Miles with luxury and arrogance was created. It says the interviewee opposes the CCP because of his “personal vendetta”, so to induce the audience to doubt the motives of the interviewee. It says the interviewee is “using his news outlets GTV and GNews”, “he seems more concerned with advancing conspiracy theories than human rights”, and questions him, “is he fighting for a just cause or is he capitalizing on the appeal of disinformation to build his own power and influence?” which is a conclusion absolutely groundless and apparently is a slandering. She’s not a judge, and has no right to accuse Miles with such insulting conclusions, which is outright rumor and slander.

The video also shows the interviewee has good relationship with Steve Bannon, that’s true, but that’s not what really matters. The most important and most dangerous thing is, it seems to inadvertently combines some scenes that have nothing to do with Miles, such as a parade with the slogan “stop the steal” during the 2020 presidential election . Everyone knows what that means, and everyone would think of the events in front of Congress on January 6, 2021. This is outrageous! At this stage, the so-called interviewer can no longer be described as “immoral” and committing “slandering”. This woman began to show her sinister, ferocious and evil fangs! She’s trying to associate the Chinese people with “violence”, “extreme right wing”, “conspiracy theorists”, to instigate public opinion for the exclusion of Chinese. We can’t use the Code to measure this so-called interview at all, because this is an outright crime!

And in fact, in the original live interview video, this part lasted about 8 and a half minutes, Miles fully illustrated the impartiality, selflessness and firm opposition to the evil-CCP of Gnews and GTV, and they are not his media platform, they belong to people all over the world who support justice and freedom of speech. He counted the many contributions made by Gnews and GTV of giving out early warnings around the world. And of course, none of these words would appear in the so called “interview” video broadcast by VICE Media. Now we’re going to throw the Code into the trash can. It can’t be applied to this evil media company and evil woman at all.

So let’s go on to the next part.

Video A – the original interview, unedited
Video B – edited version by VICE

With all these overriding facts in our discussion , the interviewer has clearly showed her sinister nature. Again, instead of using original sources, she used images from other videos, connected with the events in front of Congress on January 6, 2021. An unknown Chinese woman said in front of the camera that she came because she believed Miles Guo’s information, and said the CCP printed fake ballots and shipped them to America to disrupt the election. What a kind of nonsensical answer it is! If the CCP wanted to disrupt the American election, did they need to do it in such a bad way?

The fact is, before that day, Miles made it clear in the live broadcast that no brothers-in-arms of the Whilstleblower Movement should participate in the rally on that day, so if this woman really was Miles’s follower, she would not be there that day, and even less likely to accept interview. The interviewer didn’t forget to connect all these with “extreme right-wing”, and this time, in addition, she mentioned the voting right of Chinese people in America.

VICE Media, please show evidence that the woman in your video really was a follower of Miles and it is him who sent her there, please show evidence that she wasn’t a CCP spy who disguised herself as a follower of Miles, please show evidence she’s not an actress you hired, or even just a passer-by hired by you with petty dirty money. Using statement of a woman with unknown background, is that all you have to defame all Chinese people abroad, and even attempt to deny their vote-power? Could such a woman represents all Chinese Americans? If so, for you as someone who is half Chinese, you actually don’t need to interview anyone else, just go to interview your father. Can your father represents all Chinese people? How absurd and sinister video B was!

The real original live interview video is crystal clear, showing Miles Guo stated directly that he himself had talked with the highest leaders of CCP hundreds of times, face to face. He heard their plans to “BGY” (Blue – Blackmailing and extortion; Gold – Bribery and Providing Economic Benefits; Yellow – Honey trap) and “3F” (Foment weakness, foment chaos and foment the destruction of America) America directly, that’s the reason why Trump was silenced by all medias in the 2020 election. He knew clearly about the Dominion Voting Systems, since it came from the CCP’s Peking University Founder Group, and Miles’s family was the second largest shareholder of it.

Again, not a single section or a single image of the original live interview appeared in Vice Media’s version of the so called interview video.

Let’s stop the discussion here for now. With shock and fear, we will continue to analyze this sinister so-called interview video fabricated by VICE Media in the next part.

(To be continued)

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