Written by: Naughty (Wenxing)

Translated by: billwilliam

Mr. Miles Guo revealed that two emergency incidents occurred around the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, according to his live broadcast on February 4, 2022.

1. An hour before the live broadcast, 16 confirmed virus cases were detected among Vladmir Putin’s aides. There were also three deaths in the hotel where Putin resided, although it is unknown so far whether the three deaths are Putin’s aides or hotel employees. Furious at the incident, Putin cursed in the hotel. Mr. Miles Guo indicated this incident is very abnormal from any perspective.

2. A sniper security guard stationed in Pangu Hotel fell to the ground and died, which shocked Xi Jinping. 

According to Mr. Guo, the Winter Olympics has become a “hibernation game.” More than 100 countries initially planned to attend the event; then the number fell to 90+ countries; then the number fell to 70+ countries; then to 33 countries now. Only two VIPs attend the event, and the team of one of the VIPs (Putin) is almost destroyed by virus infection.

This Winter Olympics is an embarrassment for Xi Jinping and is a joke for most members of the Chinese Communist Party. Mr. Guo said the result is what we wish for and is what 99.9% of the 95 million CCP members wish for.

Reference:冬奥会变冬眠会 突发事件给爆料革命送大礼