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On January 30, Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast revealed that the U.S., Canada, and Japan would arrive at the truth about vaccines and assess the vaccine’s consequences.  According to a European source, the French, British, German, and Italian leaders would follow up on the situation and not hesitate to start a war.

Mr. Guo said that a large protest crowd gathered in front of the White House at Lincoln Memorial Center in the United States to oppose the government’s vaccine policy.  The American people chanted; “This is a human holocaust.  The mRNA vaccine is a medical disaster killing humanity, a holocaust.”  News is spreading but many people still do not know the truth of the communist vaccines due to social media blockades.

The CCP vaccine catastrophe has changed the world’s military, political, and economic landscape.  The leaders of the western countries who are pushing the vaccine policy are facing an awakening movement against their governments.  They will go to war to divert their domestic conflicts to save their political future from accountability.

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