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Recently, news of an enslaved woman giving birth to eight consecutive children in Feng County, Communist China, received much attention, and “rumors” were banned from all channels. Local propaganda authorities claimed that there was no human trafficking and that the woman was an accepted drifter. 

Lately, a video clip emerged showing a female adult locked in a shabby space, seemingly going through modern-day slavery. She was unwashed and unkempt, discarded in the corner of a thatched cottage, locked with an iron chain. She wore thin clothes in freezing temperatures and could barely talk with people.

At the beginning, people disclosed that the enslaved woman was educated and could speak English before. Her so-called husband had beaten and tortured her and was frightened of pulling out her teeth if she did not obey. Later, she became mentally ill.

What’s more, it’s said that the victim was a high school student who got trafficked to the county. The man had violated laws in his acts of human trafficking and abusing women.

Besides, the “husband” told the reporter that he was fifty-six years old, owned a 15-hectare field, and looked after eight children at home. The oldest child was ten. He was looked down upon by his folks when he was thirty-four and unmarried.

The woman in pink was kept like a slave with shackles around her neck in a freezing temperature while the coat was given by the reporter. Photo by Epoch Times

The issue had captured high attention. People could hardly believe the existence of such a present hell in the modern world.

Until reporting day, relevant video clips were wiped, and related topics were blocked. Local governments started “Maintaining Stability” and circulated notices to whitewash the scandal.

According to Feng County’s Propaganda Department, the woman was a local resident who married in 1998 and was kept in a separate room because she might have violent tendencies.

On January 30th, the propaganda department of Feng County released another notice, saying that the woman named Yang had been a drifter before being sheltered by the late Dong (father of her “husband”). They lived together thereafter, and no human trafficking was involved.

According to the official notice, the woman was diagnosed with schizophrenia and hospitalized for further treatment. People questioned the legitimacy of the so-called marriage. If Yang had been mentally ill from the very beginning, Dong violated laws by raping and chaining his “wife.” In such conditions, local police governors should be blamed.

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