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Li Xuelin arrived in London in 1989 with only £50 in her pocket and limited English. However, during a special dinner for the speaker of the North Korean parliament, she met Lord Bates, a member of the British House of Lords who was extremely supportive of Britain’s close relations with China.

Lady Bates (Xuelin Li) chats with Prince Charles on October 24, 2017.
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She arrived in London with only £50 in her pocket, spoke minimal English, married a British aristocrat, was well-liked by Xi Jinping, had a permit to access Parliament, and was portrayed by the British media as a Chinese Communist Party operative (CCP)… Lady Bates is the name (Chinese name: Li Xuelin).

According to the Sunday Times, Li Xuelin attended a meeting of the CCP’s United Front Work Department (UFWD), which MI5 has accused of “covert intervention in British politics.”

Lady. Bates from Zhejiang, China

Li Xuelin was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. She visited Beijing in May 2019 to attend the Council of the CCP Overseas Friendship Association (COFA) in the Great Hall of the People, which is held every five years. COFA is also a member of the UFWD, the state organization in charge of gathering intelligence and disseminating CCP policies across the world.

The meeting was attended by Xi Jinping and Wang Yi, according to CCP official media accounts. Xi Jinping clasped hands with Li Xuelin in a high-profile event televised by the CCP’s state-owned CCTV. Li Xuelin was recognized as a member of COFA’s fifth council in the official document.

Li Xuelin arrived in London in 1989 with only £50 in her pocket and limited English. However, during a special dinner for the speaker of the North Korean parliament, she met Lord Bates, a member of the British House of Lords who was extremely supportive of Britain’s close relations with China. In 2012, the couple married at Westminster Abbey.

According to official records, Li Xuelin, whose ex-husband was a doctor, amassed a fortune in the United Kingdom by importing Chinese handbags and shoes, running a luxury cake company, and investing in real estate.

Entering the British elite circle

Lord Bates has served as a minister in the governments of Theresa May, David Cameron, and John Major for more than a decade. Xuelin Li has given 206,000 pounds to the Conservative Party since 2010. She joins the Conservative Party Donors Club, which Cameron founded, for 50,000 pounds a year, and becomes a member of the “leadership group” of Conservative Party donors.

Li Xuelin received a permit to join the British Parliament through her husband and returned it during the pandemic.

Lawyers representing Lady Bates argued on January 29th that Xuelin Li denied functioning as an official at COFA since those designated as members of its council were not supposed to be “government officials,” according to the Sunday Times.

Interaction with multiple British Prime Ministers

Lady Bates has aggressively promoted the campaigns of Theresa May, David Cameron, and the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.
Li Xuelin collaborated with British Parliament House to host the Sino-British “Golden Era” New Year’s banquet in 2019, which drew British MPs, CCP officials, and businesses. It was purchased for £2,200, and Ms. May was overjoyed. Ms.May also expressed her gratitude and respect for Li Xuelin’s philanthropy.
Li Xuelin met with Cameron numerous times after swiftly becoming a supporter of his. The Camerons also sent a letter to the Bates congratulating them on their wedding.

Li Xuelin is also claimed to have a close connection with Boris Johnson, the current British Prime Minister. She aided the Chinese business Advanced Business Park (ABP) in obtaining the Royal Albert Dock property in 2014, which Johnson finally decided to award to ABP.

Johnson was under investigation at the time, so why did the sale go to a Chinese developer with no track record? The £1 billion property is still inert today, and its parent firm was alleged to have defaulted on a loan earlier this month.
During Johnson’s time as mayor of London, Li Xuelin proposed that Zhongrong Group invest in the “Crystal Palace” project in south London.

Liked by Xi Jinping

According to the CCP’s official media, when President Xi Jinping visited the United Kingdom and made a speech in Parliament on October 20th, 2015, he presented four pairs of Chinese and British-friendly tales, one of which included Bates and his wife.

MI5 sent a security notice to MPs earlier this month, stating that the CCP’s UFWD was attempting to “covertly intervene” in British politics and naming Chinese lawyer Li Zhenju, who was “secretly intervening in political activities” in the UK on behalf of the CCP’s UFWD.

Both Li Xuelin and Li Zhenju attended the “CCP COFA” together and sat fairly near to each other, according to the CCTV video report.

Li Xuelin’s ties to the CCP have been exposed several times in the British media. She was, for example, vice-chairman of the British China National Reunification Promotion Association, a British branch that advocates for the “unification of Taiwan and the mainland.” She has also served as the founding president of the Zhejiang British Association, a non-voting representative on the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference’s 12th National Committee, the overseas director of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and vice president of the Zhejiang Overseas Exchange Association.

‘Hidden Hand’ alludes to Li Xuelin’s role as a CCP agent.

The “Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries,” according to Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg of the German Marshall Fund’s new book “Hidden Hands,” is an organization that supports the CCP’s united front policy. By luring foreign political, corporate, media, and intellectual elites from around the world, the CCP recruits “useful idiots” in the West.

Hamilton and Allberg contend in the book that Li Xuelin is a “person of tremendous influence on Chinese politics” who the Chinese Communist Party trusts. The Bates retaliated by threatening to file a lawsuit against the publisher.

Li Xuelin has close ties to the Chinese embassy in London, according to public data. Liu Xiaoming, China’s then-ambassador to the UK, sponsored a screening of the Bates couple’s documentary in China in December 2019, and released a photo of the three of them together at the London embassy. In a tweet, Liu stated the Bates were attempting to promote “Xi Jinping Thought.”

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