Feb. 4th, 2022

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According to a story in The Epoch Times on February 2nd, 2022, it talks about how top Israeli officials this week decided to abolish the country’s “green pass” COVID-19 vaccine passport for restaurants, hotels, gyms, and theatres. Israel, now one of the most vaccinated and boosted nations in the world, last year became one of the first countries in the world to impose such a mandate. The policy update will come into effect on Sunday, February 6th, Prime Minister Naftali Bennet’s government said, pending the approval of a parliamentary committee. The proof of vaccination policy, however, will remain intact for events such as parties or weddings.

“To continue the green pass, in the same way, can create false assurances,” Nadav Davidovitch, who serves as an expert in the prime minister’s government, went on to say, “It’s not reducing infections in closed spaces like theatres. It needs to be used mainly for high-risk places like hospitals, elderly care homes, or events when you are eating and singing and dancing.”

Previously, some Israeli ministers have argued that there is no epidemiological justification for extending the vaccine passport system, which they noted is ineffective at encouraging people with vaccine hesitancy to get the experimental shots. Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman recently wrote on Twitter: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We will not extend the Green Pass past February 6th, not even by one second.”

Alarmingly there have been very few studies, if any, carried out to determine whether vaccine passports actually lower the number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations, or deaths. Some studies have shown that passport systems can boost vaccine uptake in countries that have them in place. It seems like it’s all about frightening people, coercing people, and intimidating people into getting the rushed-to-market and massively profitable vaccines into as many arms as possible.

It is a sorry state of affairs when people cannot trust their own government to do the right thing, but this is what many people now realise. There is an awful lot of proof regarding the severe side effects, debilitating injuries, and even death due to the experimental vaccines especially in young physically fit men, and no surprise at all very little of this news ever finds itself on the totally corrupt mainstream media. But on live sporting events, the truth cannot be hidden as we see these young sportsmen falling down holding their chests.

We live in such a divisive world and the mainstream media are very good at withholding information that goes against their and big pharma’s narrative. People should be allowed to decide for themselves whether to inject or indeed not inject their bodies with an experimental vaccine, and it is abhorrent to think that a government or administration could force anyone to do this against their will. Israel is making the right decision or at least a step in the right direction in regards to the law about people’s bodily integrity and personal autonomy.    

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