Think of today’s launch of H-Pay means Himalaya Federal Reserve and Hcoin are fully connected.

【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】 2022.1.31 The Meaning for Hpay to Go Online


Now our Android version of H-Pay is online. Think of today’s launch of H-Pay means Himalaya Federal Reserve and Hcoin are fully connected. The top three persons who is going to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games and two of the members in the northern Olympics team asked me just last week. Are you sure H-Pay will be online on the 31st? I said, what do you want to know? He said our boss is going to the Winter Olympic Games.

After the event, the world is going to change drastically, he said Russia would be severely sanctioned by the United States and turns to RMB as trading currency. Please be reminded that Russia is going to start using RMB. I have to move out my money away swiftly. It’s crucial for me if your Hcoin can make an online payment. I have to go with these people every day on the price of oil and gas. That’s a considerable sum.

He said I could make a HDO for a hundred million. There is a rule among them. They put their own set of value for HDO. Brothers, please think about how significant this volume will be. So he asked if I could assure him. Just now, while I was on my way, they have completed multiple transactions ( using HDO). Didn’t you expect that? The biggest circulation of our HCN will be in Russia and Ukraine. We don’t want to be a war profiteer but there has been no transfer of wealth in the world and the birth of a new monetary and financial system had nothing to do with war.

Japan would be the second-largest market for HDO. You will see what the Japanese purchase using the Hcoin. It will scare the shit out of you. You will see how much Hpay means to each of us  when it comes online. This World Bank has become one of the most fundamental tools of tyranny. From the beginning of the Whistleblower movement, I said that earning money is not as complicated as spending it. Do you have feelings now? Did you think I was talking nonsense? How do you feel now? In the future, HDO and Hpay will move around in seconds. What is so great about Hpay, so powerful?

Who can guarantee? I can guarantee no one can obtain your information. In the future, there will be an Hpay upgrade. This is the primary version. You can imagine it starting from the primitive model and it’s just a model now. It becomes something that has a turbine has an engine runs on fuel and can start operating. You hear the functioning sound, and it is working. What does it mean?

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