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There had been a couple of secret meetings between Russia and U.S. Putin expressed that Russia has no intention to attack Ukraine at the same time as China’s invasion of Taiwan. Even if Russia is to extract oil in South China sea, Putin reassured that Russia has no ambition in Asia. Putin also mentioned he was surprised at CCP’s foolish ambition to take over the world and will not stand by China’s side. U.S. is relieved to know Russia will not interfere if U.S. decides to attack China. Xi still believes that China enjoys strong and unmovable relationship with Russia. Putin’s girlfriend, acting as Putin’s mouthpiece, has frequent meeting with Xi. Xi will never suspect that Putin will play him out.

Recently Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi went to various places trying to extradite fellow Chinese whistle blowers. 3 whistle blowers were detained in Cyprus and more than 10 were captured in Africa. CCP is afraid New Federal State of China will reveal to the world the details of their overseas family members and asset. Fellow whistle blowers living in Dubai and Cyprus are encouraged to leave for a much safer place. Canada will be targeted next, and it is found that there were already CCP infiltration in Canada Himalaya farm.

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