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“HCoin to the moon” song topped the iTunes sales chart and Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart. This frightened the CCP, Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan understand the influence of music to the world. CCP has always been using music as a tool to brainwash and to sway citizens’ emotions.

Four European nations had just informed CCP they will boycott Winter Olympics and intend to decouple from China’s economy.

Do note that China had in the past threatened countries not to boycott Winter Olympics or else there will be retaliations. Some of these threats include penalising foreign enterprises such as Apple Inc with stricter regulations and higher tax. CCP also warned India and Japan they will suffer new viral infections should they decide to boycott Winter Olympic.

Xi Jinping, angry at U.S. over Winter Olympics, ordered Evergrande to default payment to American investors. Every asset of Evergrande that has any value left are to be taken to national banks of China, leaving all foreign investors with nothing. Defaults from other China real estate groups will follow suit very soon. The thirteen trillion dollars property industry will collapse to a small fraction of itself.

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