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On February 1, American jurist Sorenson, a Gender Equality Fellow at Human Rights Watch who was reappointed to teach at the University of Hong Kong, said that he began applying for a visa to enter Hong Kong five months ago. But recently he was denied a visa by the Hong Kong government and lost his teaching position at the University.

Human Rights Watch is an international NGO based in New York that investigates and promotes human rights issues and has repeatedly criticized the Chinese Communist Party’s (“CCP”) record of human rights violations, including its crackdown on the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

“It is disappointing that the Hong Kong authorities’ move to deny visas to scholars is aimed at ‘Xi Jinping-izing’ academic institutions,” said Richardson, director of the organization’s Communist China division.

The Hong Kong government’s actions have sparked international concern and will once again undermine the reputation of Hong Kong as a major city of academic freedom.

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