Translated by:  MOS Business Team – Xiaohui

Beijing Xinhua News February 2, 2022 reported that World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) President Banka said at a press conference that the “dried blood spot detection method” will be officially applied in the Olympic Games for the first time, and its prospects are promising.

According to Chen Zhiyu, director of Communist China Anti-Doping Center, the dried blood spot detection method was fully developed by Communist China.  This is the first innovative project that Communist China has fully participated in the anti-doping field.

Yang Yang, vice-chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency, said at the press conference that athletes did not think of breaking the rules from the beginning, their dream was to win medals.  That is why it is especially important to protect and support their dreams and maintain the purity of sport.

The CCP’s penetration into the world is pervasive, and WADA is an organization controlled by the CCP.  Not only has the “Olympics” been played by the CCP into a “political Olympics,” even the athletes participating in the Olympics have become “marionettes”, taking a lot of illegal drugs and excitement.  The dose is not only during the competition but more during the training period.  How devastating is this to the children who are growing up?

Communist China is the country with the most doping for athletes in the world.  This is corruption under the control of the CCP, not an individual act.  This time, the CCP used the “dry blood spot detection method” in the Beijing Winter Olympics but for more nefarious and evil reasons.  Is there any risk of information such as athletes’ DNA being used by the CCP?


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