Today is the third day of the Lunar New Year, which is a particularly good day according to Chinese tradition.

• The red colour used in our New Federal State of China’s (NFSC’s) outfits during the New Year’s Eve celebration has become popular in the world.

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Our Spring Festival Gala has become the most-watched GTV Live broadcast in history, with 76 million viewers on the day. Especially in Japan, Europe and the UK, it hit a record high.

• Those old bastards in Zhongnanhai are now flustered. They are struggling with how to explain to the Chinese people if they ban all those famous Chinese songs Miles performed. They don’t want this to be a hot controversial topic in China. This is exactly what Miles wants. A null result can sometimes be a good result.

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Numerous foreign journalists believe they have received Inhumane treatment from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the Winter Olympics. 

• Journalists from Europe and Japan had a massive argument with the CCP in performing the anal covid tests on them. Then the CCP threatened them with arrest or murder if they left the country now.
• Before they went to Communist China, Miles had warned some of them not to go. If anyone now is still naïve to believe in the CCP, you will go to hell with them. If there are still people who naively believe in the CCP, you will end up in a crematorium soon.
• What the CCP is doing now during the Olympics has made more people in the world hate the Chinese.
• The CCP is making enemies everywhere. They are not gods, and they cannot survive with so many enemies around.
• However, the CCP holding the Winter Olympics is good for NFSC. Without the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the world would not have truly awakened.

Global stocks keep falling, but that’s just the beginning.  

• Facebook’s Meta, Twitter, PayPal, and other companies have recently seen their share prices fall by 20% to 25%.

Since the launch of Himalaya Pay (HPay) on February 1, the volume of data on the Himalayan exchange has increased 300%.

• Before the launch date, Miles brought up the high volume of data to those “technocrats” at the Himalayan exchange, but they just ignored him.
• Miles just persuaded a Whistleblower Movement (WM) warrior who wanted to buy Hcoin for $50 million to postpone the purchase. We want our unwealthy WM warriors can get their coins at a lower price.
• Miles encourages everyone to start actively promoting HPay now. And in return, everyone will surely benefit a lot in the future.

More and more politicians from Canada, the United States, Europe and other countries are going to shift the blame onto the CCP for the ongoing vaccine disaster.

Families of victims of the CCP virus and vaccines will seek justice for their loved ones against the CCP.

• Mr. Steve Bannon became very emotional today when he attended his father’s funeral. His brother, nephew, daughter, sister, and brother-in-law all caught the CCP virus. And there are many more people and families in the world that the evil CCP has destroyed.
• If we forget what the CCP has done to us, we should not be human beings.
• The CCP is continuing its madness with the assistance of other evil and dark forces in the world, such as the social media platforms in the West.

2022 is the year of the water tiger. This tiger will give the Chinese Communist Party a powerful and deadly tail slap.

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