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In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on February 2, 2022, Mr. Guo talks about the corruption and sexual abuses behind CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, the progress of the “Tian Mi Mi” (Sweet as Honey) Movement, the ins and outs of the Winter Olympics, and the uniqueness and bright future of Himalaya Pay (HPay). Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

Miles Guo received cufflinks from the Vatican.

Today is really a big day. This red dress was designed by G-Fashion. After I went to the Vatican, I discovered that the ceiling of the Vatican was so beautiful. The Pope appeared in a red mozzetta. I told myself I must have this kind of “Pope” red. The other day, I received  cufflinks from the Vatican, which said, “Miles, I don’t care what you said. You have done a lot for us and saved many lives, and you are still doing so. I express my gratitude to you on a personal level.”

Brothers in Arms’ Experience with HPay

There is an old Chinese saying, “in the absence of luck, gold turns into iron. When the time comes, iron becomes gold.” Our feeling today is like iron turning into diamonds. A foreign friend bought a car with HPay. His daughter purchased a wedding dress with HPay. Another one paid off his mortgage. A friend in Angola used HPay to buy 60 tons of oil.

The CCP’s Spring Festival Gala is a human, racial, cultural, and ideological holocaust, a monopoly of ideas, and the biggest crime in human history.

Foreigners have done a study on the CCP Gala. The conclusion is that everything in China is arranged by the state and the CCP. The Chinese people have completely lost their ability to discern.

The CCP’s Spring Festival Gala is a human, racial, cultural, and ideological holocaust, a monopoly of ideas, and the biggest crime in human history. I said in front of Li Changchun, “The CCTV Gala is spiritual poison for generations. Every viewer of the show is brainwashed by the CCP. The most terrible thing is that the CCP kills people’s political cognition and knowledge of the world and wastes people’s lives.” We chatted for two hours. Later he used many of my words in the CCP internal meeting, “Don’t turn the CCTV Spring Festival Gala into a tool for the world to criticize us. Implement the party’s policy and unify ideas, but don’t turn people into fools.” I said at the time, “Remember, you have a perilous situation when you turn everyone into fools. When someone else manipulates these common people one day and says you, the Communist Party is the devil, people will think you are the devil.”

Today, the Whistleblowers Movement takes advantage of this decades-long brainwashing of the CCP’s big foreign propaganda. We held the Spring Festival of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Last night, before I went to bed, people told me there had been 250 million views of our broadcast inside China. 50-60% of the views were replaying. People’s favorites are Miles Guo singing “I Have A Dream,” the video of Teresa Teng, and “Snow near the Northern Border.”

If you want to understand the CCP, watch CCTV. Do artists have a choice in China? They did nothing wrong. Neither did Song Zuying. It’s a problem of the evil system. Value life and stay away from the CCP!

The United States used diplomatic evacuation only twice in Yugoslavia and Iraq.

Miles Guo is the first person to say “diplomatic evacuation,” which has only been used twice in the history of the United States to fight against Iraq and Yugoslavia. Can you imagine how shocked the CCP was?

The CCP leaders sexually abused a Hong Kong girl who sang at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

A young girl from Hong Kong was taken into the CCP leader’s car after attending the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. She was released at five o’clock at dawn. She said, “they raped me multiple times. My little belly is in pain. My private parts are burning. My legs also hurt.”

A young man who sings well said, “Miles, they assaulted every part of my body. After the Gala, they abused and scolded us and demanded that I lick their toes. They said they I should do so because they are the ones giving me fame.”

Hong Kong people and mainlanders with backbone refused to cooperate with the CCP to give false testimony.

In August and September of 2017, the so-called (anti-Whistleblowers Movement) task force found the Hong Kong girl I just mentioned. The CCP asked her to record a video accusing Miles Guo of having affairs with her and raping her. This child said she would not comply even if they killed her. In the end, the mafia-controlled show business approached her. She replied, “Kill me. I won’t do it.”

The same task force found my ex-bodyguard in Northeast China. The task force detained him a dozen times during nights and beat him half dead every time. The CCP asked him to record a video to claim that Miles Guo once sodomized him. This young man said he wouldn’t agree to it even if they kill him. His wife was also beaten by the CCP. His wife said to him, “You can not harm Mr. Guo. If you betray Mr. Guo, I will fight with you to the death.”

The death of the pathetic Chinese in Communist China is no match for the scandal of a celebrity.

A buddy joked with me yesterday and said, “Haidong is telling the truth. Song Zuying would rather give you a billion now than let you publicly talk her bra pads.” How distorted is the mind of the people in Communist China? Why is the truth about a celebrity worth a billion dollars? The death of Yang Gailan, an impoverished woman, is not even worth a dollar. How many people died in the Zhengzhou flood? Hundreds of thousands of people died. Millions of people were cremated in Wuhan. The truth about the Xinjiang massacre is not even worth 10,000 dollars.

The Beijing Winter Olympics is doomed because it is against feng shui.

Why did the CCP choose Zhangjiakou to host the Olympics? The CCP wants Beijing to be the only city hosting two Olympic Games. It has a political purpose.

I (Miles Guo) owned a few thousand acres of land back then on the most prominent hillside of the Olympics venue. After Beijing applied for and won the Winter Olympics, I gave up the entire land. I knew that the CCP would not last unil 2022. I was convinced that the CCP would be half-dead even if it did. 

Miles Guo believes in feng shui. The northwest is a place of obscenity. Zhangjiakou is a dead end with barren hills and water scarcity. Its soil is loose. Such a place is not suitable for prosperity. At the time, several CCP secretaries in Hebei sided with the Jiang family and the Hu family. One of the most important officials was Dong Xiansheng, who headed the Department of Public Security. The Hebei government picked Zhangjiakou to promote the real estate business. This was entirely the result of exchanging political favors. Since the Winter Olympics is a political deal, unscientific and unnatural, it is doomed, and the decision-makers are finished. 

The Winter Olympics is 80% managed by military personnel and equipped with tasers, blast-proof walls, and hypnotic weapons.

The communist Winter Olympics is suicidal and a self-inflicted injury. 80% of the Olympics are run by people from the Chinese military. Winter Olympics is equipped with three essentials:

First, a taser, an electric shock gun, can target a person 100-meter away and make the recipient’s heart hurt. 

Second, explosion-proof facilities and walls.

Third, there is also a silent, colorless, and scentless hypnotic weapon. With a push of the button, people within 500 meters pass out immediately after inhaling. The operator of the weapon will be fine because he takes the antidote before pressing the button. This weapon will make targets faint for about ten minutes or so. These are the so-called communist mass destruction weapons. If you think the Winter Olympics is a human event, why did the CCP prepare taser and hypnotic weapons?

The Winter Olympics athletes will be plundered by the CCP.

All the 2900 individual athletes who attend the Olympics will be the best targets for the CCP to plunder their DNA. As long as the athlete enters Beijing, he or she will unknowingly leave their biological fingerprints there. Different so-called outbreaks are expected, but Communist China has ordered that under any circumstances, it will announce to the world that this is the perfect, unprecedented Olympics in history and people love Beijing, love China; China is great. That tone has been set. It doesn’t matter how many people die. Don’t be surprised by the death. No matter how many things happen, it is expected as long as the Olympic hostage incident doesn’t repeat. 

The third phase of the “Tian Mi Mi” Movement is to turn the Beijing Winter Olympics into a hibernation Olympics. 

The first round of the “Tian Mi Mi” Movement is the U.S. diplomatic evacuation. The second round is the three anti-CCP songs. The third round will target the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The “Tian Mi Mi” Movement will cripple the Communist Winter Olympics and make it a hibernation session. No one understands better than Miles Guo the ins and outs of the Winter Olympics, the choice of venue, and weaknesses. The CCP has 2.3 million so-called snow bombs to create artificial snow. Miles Guo can defeat and disable the CCP’s ability to launch the snow bombs.

The intentional creation of legitimate obstacles is the essence of a regime.

The basic foundation of wealth is the freedom to use the wealth. However, humanity has set up requirements such as I.D., age, and source of funds. This is the darkest financial era for humanity, which means too much counterfeiting. Governments imposed all kinds of laws: Setting up deliberate legal barriers is the essence of a regime.

HPay charges zero transaction fees. It is decentralized, legal, and confidential.

First, unconditional payment is the most intuitive way to earn wealth for humanity.

Second, all traditional transactions worldwide are subject to transaction fees. HPay charges no transaction fee. When a brother in arms of the NFSC promotes HPay, the first sentence he should say is “it’s free!”

Third, in the future, you will see the second, third, and fourth generations of encrypted payment systems. Even God cannot find your money, and it is legal.

For the first time, Miles Guo creatively calls Himalaya Coin “centerless” because it doesn’t have a center. HPay is a cryptographic payment system without physical behaviors and it is “centerless.”

For example, Edward bought a Bombardier aircraft and put the plane under his BVI company. Qianyecao purchased the aircraft from Edward and changed the ownership of the BVI company to Qianyecao. With a single piece of paper and a name change, Qianyecao owns the plane. The transaction cost of a $76 million plane is only a piece of paper, $6 or less than one cent. 

It’s no fun if only I (Miles Guo) could make money from nothing. I want all my brothers in arms to make money with me.

A currency is an object used for trading under the consent of both parties.

What is a token? A token can be a piece of paper or a cup of coffee. It is a pricing standard for transactions agreed upon by both parties. It is the most natural thing for human beings. Labor has value. It’s only a question if others recognize it. Exchanging is not necessarily a financial move. I will not define HPay as a financial product.

Himalaya Coin’s customers demanded such a product before the coin’s birth. In contrast, Ethereum and Bitcoin were created before people realized they could buy the coins. 

The Story behind the Launch of HPay

Not a single lawyer or participant said that HPay could go online in the past ten days. The U.S. government and Federal Reserve were the first ones to oppose HPay. Japan was the second, followed by Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, etc. The Apple store was under tremendous pressure from China and thought it could not be done in time. 

I (Miles Guo) believe in prayer. I prayed in every broadcast. Then a person called me, and his boss wanted to talk. His boss said, “HPay, I think it’s good for us, for you.” The call ended here. I told the bodyguard that I did not want too many people to know the call’s content because phone communication was not encrypted.

We used to think this man was our enemy, but he offered us strong support and was personally involved in coordinating the project. He said that HPay would be a good thing for the world’s finance and (destruction of) the CCP. He called HPay “right thought.” We will not forget this great gentleman. The NFSC will be grateful to him.

Zuckerberg knows he has no future.

Facebook terminated its digital currency project. Zuckerberg carried out a massacre. All humanity will hold him accountable in the end, and whatever he has will be taken away. Zuckerberg knows better than anyone that he won’t have a future.

HPay offers trust and applications. 

All credits and financial systems are means of governments to plunder wealth, collect taxes, and rule the people. However, there is no domination, no taxation, no plundering in our Himalaya system. All HPay’s value comes from trust and transactions between you and me. HPay, Himalaya Coin, and Himalaya Dollar are tools to complete trusted transactions. If you don’t have enough money, take out a loan. Your ability to promote HPay, earn HPay profit, and your credit will always be proportional.

Brothers in arms should do three things for the launch of HPay. 

First, promote HPay and teach others how to use HPay every day, 

Second, leverage all your networks to promote Himalaya Coin. Increasing the adoption of HPay is the priority of global Himalaya farms.

Third, carefully study and innovate unique ways to use HPay in various areas.

Alipay does not have the right to mint money. HPay is linked to Himalaya Coin. 

HPay is not Alipay or WeChat, which are bundled with fiat money (RMB). They don’t have the right to issue fiat currency. We issued currency first. HPay differs from any other payment system because of Himalaya Coin. 

Bannon’s 100-year old father passed away.

The Great Mr. Martin Bannon, Steve Bannon’s father, passed away two weeks ago at 100 years old. Unfortunately, this centenarian did not live to see the victory day of the destruction of the CCP. Mr. Martin Bannon was one of the greatest supporters of the Whistleblowers Movement. According to Chinese culture, he rested without illness and with a smile, like a Buddha or Bodhisattva. Steve Bannon said, “Miles Guo, I am not in pain. The problem is unable to find church and cemetery.” Bannon can not find a church and cemetary in Virginia, a tragic situation in the United States.

The CCP built so many crematoriums and cemeteries that will bury themselves and their families.

Wang Qishan monopolized all the cemeteries, graveyards, and nursing homes in Communist China. The CCP will find that they have built so many crematoriums and cemeteries, which in the end will bury themselves and their families. 

The NFSC will not let the people pay a penny for cemeteries. We will make 80% of the crematoriums and cemeteries closed around the world because death will be stopped. Our scientists are working around the clock to help the vaccinated and Covid patients. I believe a miracle will happen. Artemisinin is already a miracle.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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