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  1. Ottawa’s police chief said the capital may request aid from the armed forces to stop the ongoing anti-mandatory vaccine Freedom Convoy trucker protest, but the Defence Ministry responded saying they had no plans to get involved in the situation.
  2. On February 2, the stock price of Meta (Facebook) fell by more than 24%, the market value evaporated more than 230 billion US dollars, and the number of users fell for the first time.
  3. According to MilesGuo: The Spring Festival Gala of the New Federal State of China has been watched more than 250 million times in China. The biggest crime stage that represented the ignorant shame, mental apathy, spiritual massacre, and cultural massacre of the Chinese in the past was the CCP’s Spring Festival Gala.
  4. According to MilesGuo: HExchange is not just a financial system, but the latest and most important human civilization between people that transcends national sovereignty, beyond belief, and over the physical world. HE will liberate productivity, develop human wisdom, and minimize the distance and increase the mutual trust relationship between people.
  5. On February 3, Putin published a signed article titled “Russia and China: Strategic Partners Focusing on the Future” through Xinhua News Agency, which mentioned that China and Russia have signed a settlement and payment agreement, trying to expand the scope of RMB settlement accounts to establish mechanisms to eliminate unilateral sanctions that have negative impacts.
  6. According to a report from Hong Kong’s Now news station on January 3, 142 new cases of CCP virus infection have been reported in Hong Kong, and the infection cases of unknown origin are all over the territory.
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