As a nurse it is your due diligence to protect your patients. Some people got the wrong diluent for COVID vaccine. Supervisors have no idea since Pfizer is not transparent about anything regard to the vaccine.

The saline solution, what color is the top? Make sure it’s the right one [diluent]. Some people got the wrong one [diluent]. They saw it [bacteriostatic water] in the vial, in the bags. And they’re like, oh, this is not the saline.

But then once they reached the supervisor. Other teams had already given vaccines. Oh, with the bacteriostatic [vaccine]. With the bac [vaccine]- yes.  Oh, God! They don’t know if it [bacteriostatic water] could cancel out [COVID vaccine] or have adverse effects.

Pfizer representative: Studies have not been done for any other diluent. Pfizer representative: So, unfortunately there’s not information on. If it negates the vaccine or has any effect on it.

They [team] sent me a picture. I was like, “Call them right away. You cannot mix that [bacteriostatic water] with that [COVID vaccine].” Once they called the supervisor, they had to call the other teams. And they already started giving the bacteriostatic [vaccine].

Yeah. By accident, how are the accidents happening with the children? And it was never reported. Did they have to tell anybody or any of the kids that got vaccinated?

Knowing with this company, honestly – Probably not. They’re not transparent. So, they’re not gonna be like, listen- They’re what? They’re not transparent about anything.

In the rush to get everyone vaccinated, New York contracted with DocGo and their subsidiary Ambulnz  to provide COVID vaccine clinics throughout New York.

They should have –did incident reports, no? Oh, absolutely. That’s what anyone would do. I have been in the pediatric field since 2006. I applied for a job to administer vaccines.

So, they [supervisors] decided to call me at 7:36, which means that someone could have already been vaccinated. So, you [supervisor] wait to 7:36 to call me and tell me this may be the wrong thing?We were never given an in-service.

There’s guidelines to abide by as a nurse administering any vaccine. Everyone that comes into our organization goes through an orientation. Both practical and it is hands on.

We do not believe that the [bacterio] static water was used in vaccinations for children. We have had circumstances where people have pulled the wrong solution from our warehouse. And then they notice it when they get on site and then we send a replacement.

I certainly have no reported cases of that being done. I still don’t think that this had happened. I still don’t think we made that mistake. I mean, I think it’s a very ethical organization.

We focus heavily, heavily on doing what’s right. Everybody has the same complaint as me. As a nurse it is your due diligence to protect your patients.

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