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Every Chinese has been indoctrinated to love their country and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The Chinese people created all the wealth, whereas the CCP government has never produced anything valuable. The CCP just wants to spend the money made by its people. When nothing is left, everyone will suffer collectively. This is so-called Socialism.

In a capitalist country, the government collects 25%, or even as high as 40%, of money created by its people in the form of tax to spend on government, health, insurance, public healthcare, military force, etc. After paying tax, the rest belongs to its people as their income. This is the essence of the difference between Socialism and Capitalism.

Whose money has been spent on the CCTV New Year’s Gala? The big spending is from you, the taxpayers’ money.

However, whose money has the NFSC (New Federal State of China) been spending (on New Year Party broadcasting)? No one. The NFSC hasn’t spent a penny from you. Apart from that, the message from today’s live broadcast is still trying to save people’s lives and the lives of our fellow fighters. This is the essence of difference.

What does the red colour stand for? To us, it means to take down the evil CCP. However, to the CCP, it means blood, the blood of the slaughtered in the air and on the flag. The CCP worships blood and violence, but we worship the Sun. That is the absolute difference. So, have a look at our flag. 

What a bunch of fake-making bastards of CCTV (China Central Television)! All the singing in the live broadcast program you’re watching now is lip syncing, but the Chinese public has paid authentic money and true feelings for them.

Anyone in China who has a brain, please answer these questions. Who is paying money for the CCTV New Year’s Gala?? Are the songs being sung now lip syncing or real singing? Are there any dirty hidden deals behind the scenes? The CCTV is probably the dirtiest place in China, apart from toilets and whorehouses.

Look! What a clean and decent place here, with the state of art ceiling, the most modern cement flooring, and the most contemporary piano. Q May is such a young and successful Chinese girl. How are you feeling if you, our fellow fighters are sitting there? The live broadcast is through GTV and GETTR, and I believe my voice sounds better than my singing.

So, you see, we have all become fellow fighters. How wonderful is it! So, I feel my singing is better than what I imagined. This is the NFSC, and its motto is the truth prevails. Everything has been built on giving. Everything has been built on the internationalism and civilization of humanity. Simple as that. Thank you!

Source: Miles Guo’s Chinese New Year’s Eve broadcast on GTV and GETTR

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