Author: 我爱喜马拉雅 & RocksHimalaya

The CCP is hoping that Friday’s start of the Beijing Winter Olympics will turn attention away from its terrible human rights record.

While some countries have announced a diplomatic boycott of the Games over the CCP’s treatment of Hong Kong citizens, Tibetan Buddhists, and genocide of the Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang, athletes will still be competing.

Zhao Weidong, a spokesperson for the Beijing Games, told Reuters on Thursday that “the so-called China human rights issue is a lie made up by people with ulterior motives.”

He added that “the opening ceremony is tomorrow. I believe that at the instance in which the Olympic flame is lit, all of this so-called boycott banter will be extinguished.”

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which originated in China at the CCP lab in Wuhan, the Olympics are taking place in a “closed loop” segregating competitors, trainers, and support staff from the Chinese public, and venues will be restricted to a limited number of selected attendees.

Despite the growing number of infected, Zhao remains confident that this will not be a super spreader event and that the numbers of infected will actually decline once all overseas participants have arrived.

The CCP, which operates a massive propaganda machine both at home and abroad, remains steadfast in its claims that China’s Human Rights controversy is “Made Up”.

By sending athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics, countries are giving credibility to propagandists like Zhao Weidong, just as was given to Joseph Goebbels in 1936.

Posted by Theodosia